Introducing Rainbow Nourishments

I love to showcase delicious treats on my blog and share my love for some amazing and talented ladies out there who have more baking talent that I could ever dream of having. Luckily enough for me one of my favourite bakers, Anthea from Rainbow Nourishments, happens to live in Canberra where I live and happens to sell her delightful treats to some excellent organic stores 5 minutes from my house!

So  I been trying out these delicious goodies for myself and I can guarentee that they taste as good as they look, and if you want to try making some of them for yourselves Anthea has kindly put her recipes on her blog and written an eBook too!

So start salivating at these excellent pictures and know it won’t be the last time you see Rainbow Nourishments on The Party Connection!



pokeball-tarts-9  ginger-cake-vegan-3



raw-golden-gaytime-icecream-vegan-3   pitaya-cookies-2

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