5 Ways To Use Cork

The event world generally gets it’s trending themes just around the time that home decor uses it. We’ve seen aspects such as copper and bronze, geometrics, and marble make a big dent in the social events scenes, but coming towards the end of 2016 and into 2017 there are a few new trends emerging – and one of them is that cork is making a comeback.

Not only is cork a stylish material that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it is versatile, more environmentally friendly and when mixed with jute twine can add to a hipster wood vibe with ease. Here are 5 ways you can jump on this new trend at your next event.


Photo by Good Housekeeping

Cork Crafts

Cork is a very versatile product to use and can be added into almost any decoration to add the trending element to your event. Whether you craft together cork wreaths, cork table runners, or even craft giant cork letters, there are tons of DIY crafts you can do to add texture and interest.


Photo by Kate Aspen

Cork Placecard Holders

These haven’t really gone anywhere when it comes to trending cork products, as wine corks (especially from the French regions) have been continually used for fancy placecard holders at dinner parties and weddings for some time. Simply cut a slice in the top of the cork, put a name card in it and sit it at the edge of the table next to the wine.


Photo by Duck Brand

Cork Coasters

Drinks usually flow at a party – alcoholic or not – so pair your cork decor into a functional piece by utilising cork coasters. You can purchase straight out cork coasters, or do what Duck Brand did and use cork tape to add a bit of flair to colour coasters. Follow their instructions on their website to find out how to do it yourself!


Photo by Muslin and Merlot

Cork Gifts

Farewell gifts for your guests don’t need to be huge and expensive – hand-planting a small succulent into a small wine cork, tying it with string and adding a note that says “thank you” will be all the token of appreciation your guests will need! Follow the Muslin and Merlot directions on how to make your own.


Photo by Kazannoart on Etsy

Cork Garlands

Having a wedding or an event with a rustic vibe that utilises natural elements such as wood and metal? Nothing will look better in this environment than having a garland string made of corks. Pieced together with jute string and tied along with bunting or above a table, this garland will put the “aww” in “awesome!”

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