Have A Scream Queens Chanel-O-Ween


I’ve recently been devouring Scream Queens all of over again- the over the top comedy/horror TV show created by Glee‘s Ryan Murphy and starring scream queens themselves Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Emma Roberts and Glee Alum Lea Michele. The TV show’s season one focuses on a series of murders that happen at a bitchy sorority house at an American University by the hand of a masked Red Devil, but season two has moved to a hospital with a brand new killer.

The latest offering of screams have been so deliciously good, I thought it would be great idea to ditch the scary for some fabulousness by hosting a Chanel-O-Ween instead – a Halloween celebration that Emma Roberts’ character Chanel Oberlin threw that spoofed Taylor Swift’s Swiftmas. Here are some ways to inject some Scream Queen into your Halloween.


Photo by Scream Queens

A Venue Fit For A Scream Queen!

A fabulous venue is a must if you want to channel your inner Chanel and the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority House is the perfect place to start for a unique Halloween venue. Anyone can do a haunted hospital, but having your event take place in a sorority house is just so much more decadent.

If you can, hire chaise lounges and comfy armchairs from a furniture rental store, and get yourself some pillows with the KKT house logo on it by buying pink and blue cushions and getting iron on patches (which is exactly what they did to KKT t-shirts worn by the characters – all from American Apparel!) in the Greek lettering logo. Easy, and a perfect way to turn your venue into sorority chic!


Photo by Scream Queens

Bloody Floral Arrangements

If fake butchers knives are good enough for the Scream Queens premiere party than you can bet your bottom dollar that they are good enough for your Chanel-o-ween! Mix beauty with terror by putting together a beautiful and ornate floral arrangement and then stick a bloody butchers knife in the middle for a killer calling card!


Photo by Frntz

Red Devil Dessert Table Decorations

Serving a bloody good dessert table? Make sure you include Red Devil treats like these Red Devil cupcake toppers or Red Devil edible sugar icing decorations to complete the look. Use blood red decorations like napkins, plates and tablecloths to tie it together, and mount a real life Red Devil mask as the dessert table centerpiece.

Insulting Invitations

The invitations from Chanel Oberlin’s Chanel-o-ween were unique – black stock card addressed to her “precious donkeys” with personalized insults attached and a signature from Chanel herself in gold gel-ink.


Passive-Aggressive Pumpkins

In Chanel’s Pumpkin Patch Halloween festivities, the sorority sisters all created their own Jack O’Lanterns to add to the circular shrine of the patch. Predatory Lez’s pumpkin was drunk and throwing up, Grace’s a classic Jack O’Lantern, Candle Vlogger’s a replica of a Hurricane, and Zeyday’s the iconic YES I CAN words. Go all out creating your pumpkins, and be as passive aggressive as possible.

If painstakingly cutting shapes into pumpkins isn’t your idea of a good time, you can also go the more fabulous and still very Chanel-o-ween route of simply painting your pumpkins gold and white for a Sorority Foyer look instead.

Let me know if you host your own Scream Queen Halloween party this year, and let me know if it matched in fabulousness to the American Horror Story: Coven themed party! Don’t forget to tune in to Scream Queens Season two to find out who the new killer is…

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