5 Ways To Use Blood

Blood is a staple ingredient for Halloween party decorations across the globe – there is nothing scarier than creatures out there roaming the dark of night looking to feast on your blood. Sometimes, even just the sight of blood is scary enough. So for this Halloween, make blood your number one decoration with these five ways to make the scariest night of the year a little scarier.


Shoot it

Vampires drink blood, and just because this Halloween you aren’t necessarily dressed as a vampire doesn’t mean you don’t have to pass on the nectar of life. Set up a drinking station for your guests with vials or syringes full of vodka (for an adults party of course!) with red food colouring mixed in it. You can do something similar with water if you’re looking for a PG rating at your event, or served red coloured drinks like creaming soda as well.


Wear it

Look, utilising FX make up, red paint or make up, and even the spray blood is a good way to bring the blood to the party, as well as add to your costume. Heaps of costumes and characters use fake blood so the possibilities are endless – you could go as a vampire or a vampire’s victim, a zombie, an evil clown or serial killer, or even don a blood splattered Prom Dress and go as Carrie. The bloodier, the better.


Photo by Emerson Quinn.

Fill a sink (or bath) with it

They say that Dracula’s cousin Elizabeth Bathory used to bathe in blood to preserve her beauty, so what better homage could there be to such a crazed killer than filling the bath with blood? Now, a cautionary tale has to come with this idea – this may stain your sink, so before you do this, make sure you purchase non-staining red dye, or invest in some high-quality cleaner for afterwards.

In a similar idea of adding red food colouring to vodka, put a plug in your sink or bath and fill with water, mixing the red dye into the water and creating a bloody effect. You can add some streaked hand prints up the tiled walls to show a struggle (again – invest in some proper cleaner!) and add a plastic severed hand or foot or head to add a little bit extra to frightening experience. This will give your guests something else to terrify them around your house!


Photo by Party City

Make your dessert table pop with it

Blood red goes with almost everything, and looks particularly great with other eerie and monochromatic colours such as black, white or grey. So for your Halloween dessert table, use blood red napkins, plates and cups to tie everything together. Make sure all of your other accessories are one of these other monochromatic colours and the blood will really pop.


But seriously, just put it everywhere.

To really give the idea of a bloodbath for your Halloween party, you want to put blood everywhere. Thankfully, party decoration stores have heaps of blood-style decorations to add to your party to make turn your home into a Halloween horror house. You can put jellied, blood –red handprints on your glass windows, tablecloths with dripping blood borders over your tables, bloodied items can be strewn around the house, and bloody backdrops can be hung on the walls to give the appearance of a just fresh murder. Buy ALL OF THESE and put them EVERYWHERE.

I went into an operating style room in the middle of a haunted house maze once, and was confronted with blood everywhere (fake paint blood, but still it was EVERYWHERE!) The appearance of a room after a horse with a nosebleed is what you want to utterly terrify your guests.

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