Party Round Up: September


Photo by Finn Propper

I don’t know about you, but September has been a huge month for me! Not only have I left my full time job and started a new one, I’ve had heaps of ups and downs regarding my science-fiction novel, and planning countless events coming up in October (Halloween baby!) so make sure you stay tuned for another month of spooky Halloween ideas to get you into the monster mash spirit, and stay tuned for more news about my novel as well!

And all the while you sit down with your favourite cup of tea and a cupcake (or two!) to devour this month’s Party Round Up, I will be devouring the sun on Rottnest Island in Perth for a glorious week of biking, hiking, swimming, hanging with friends and family, and taking Quokka selfies! I’ll be thinking about you, so enjoy what this month has to offer.

Party Round Up:

  • Always wanted to get married in Vegas? I know it’s on my bucket list – here is everything you need to know to get hitched in sin city.
  • This desert elopement on Rock n Roll Bride is so beautiful that it’s almost painful.
  • The bride and groom featured in this wedding on Hooray magazine’s blog are just too cool to be true!
  • I love this article on Groom and Guy about wedding stationary in the modern age and putting together a wedding website. It’s a super chic way to let your guests know all the information they need, and can even link a guest registry! What a perfect option.
  • I’m a big fan of providing tips that are outside the general realm of “put confetti there and viola!” so I love Hooray’s tips on using colour at a party, and I love this out of the box look at engagement rings!
  • Pokemon is all the rage thanks to Pokemon Go and Rainbow Nourishment have a perfect chocolate mousse Pokeball tart that will compliment any Pokemon themed party perfectly!

Other Articles:

  • This cute little comic about adopting a dog is by far the greatest way to spread the message that people should adopt and not visit the pet shop when looking for a furry friend. I especially love the “Thank God Your Home!” dance.
  • Check out my new website and show me some love!
  • I’m such a gym junkie nowadays and I am obsessed with the workouts of Anna Paquin, Shay Mitchell, Blake Lively (especially her workout to get her in shape for The Shallows) and Lea Michele. All of these ladies work their butts off, and I’ve tried all of them – it’s intense!
  • While I’m gym junkie-ing it out, I’ve also gone vegan and it is by far the best decision I have ever made! The transition has been super easy (I was a pescatarian before and my husband was gluten, dairy and egg intolerant so were eating along similar lines anyway) but I’ve found that some people are quite defensive and feel very threatened when they find out that I am a vegan. It’s alerted a change in me that sees the world differently and I strive to reduce my  carbon footprint and enslavement of the world. Feeling helpless among defensive people can be very sad, especially when you try and defend your beliefs at the same time – you simply get labelled as another judgmental vegan. My husband showed me this beautiful article by There’s an elephant in the room that sums up all the feels!
  • And if you don’t want to read the article, there is a very powerful quote in it from Joanna Lucas from the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary that puts the horror of the meat industry into words:

“We know things about her that no one should ever know, or want to know, about a fellow being – the sight of her flayed body, the weight of her severed thigh, the taste of her burned, bone-punctured flesh, the charred crunch of her fractured ribs, the flavor of her spilled marrow, the taste, texture and flavor of every aspect of her despair, degradation and defeat.

We know every detail of what we have forced her to be – an object to consume and excrete. What we don’t know, what we don’t want to know, is what we must know if we are to restore our own humanity: who she is.’

  • If this is enough to get you thinking about veganism, have a look at this awesome infographic from the makers of Cowspiracy about all of the resources we have used in raising cows and other animals for meat. Did you know that to make 1 hamburger it costs the Earth roughly the same amount as showering for a month does? And that by switching to a plant based diet reduces your carbon footprint by 50%! That is an amazing statistic to put the world into perspective!
  • And finally, if you are vegan or would like to be, and want a good way to put your eating into perspective – especially when people try and get you down about it – check out this vegan calculator to see how many resources you have saved the Earth by cutting out meat. In celebrating our one month veganversary earlier this month, I discovered that my husband and I have collectively saved 60 animals, 249, 834 liters of water, and 1,086 kilograms of grain! Now that is empowering!

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