Japanese Cherry Blossom Wedding

Cherry blossom season is the best time to visit Japan and also the best time to have a Japanese wedding! Sam and Aaron are keen lovers of all things Japanese, and decided to host a lavish Japanese wedding right in the middle of the best blossom blooms in Kyoto. The Party Connection’s favourite photographer We Are Origami Photography were on hand to snap some stunning photos of the big day. See it for yourself!

we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron6.jpg we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron7.jpg

we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron28.jpg we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron15.jpg


we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron1.jpg we-are-origami-kyoto-wedding-photogarpher-sam-aaron41.jpg




weareorigami_samaaron_wedding_lr-85.jpg weareorigami_samaaron_wedding_lr-83.jpg


weareorigami_samaaron_wedding_lr-426.jpg weareorigami_samaaron_wedding_lr-549.jpg



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