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Photo by Wedding Bags by Meaghan

We all know about Taylor Swift’s Squad – a term used by the media that describes her large and seemingly close circle of famous friends, which is also highly debatable and attracted criticism at the idea of it all being a publicity stunt to humanise Swift to her legions of fans.

Taylor’s backstage squad definitely have the best ways of keeping her popular, and the arrival of the squad came hand in hand with her Bad Blood music video, as well as during her 1989 World Tour. Bringing in big name celebrities such as Lorde, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid have a way of making Taylor look grounded, like everybody else, but also popular, perky and fun.

She also created the enviable friendship group known as “squad goals” (or #squadgoals) where ladies everywhere seek to create and foster a group of other lovely ladies that could match Taylor’s.

Like everything popular, the wedding industry are grabbing hold of squad goals with their excellent new array of bridesmaid wear, entitled “Bride Tribes”. Matching the trending Aztec and arrow prints of fashion, the coolest way to showcase yourself as part of a Hen’s Night Out, or a Bachelorette Party is to whack on Bride Tribe gold temporary tattoos to match your fabulous gold jewellery, or get ready for the big day in a Bride Tribe t-shirt or tank top.

It’s casual, but lets everyone know that you’re apart of the big day. Purchase your own Bride Tribe tattoos here.

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