The Alphabet Files – “B” Themed Costumes

Towards the end of July I started my next post series called The Alphabet Files, where I brought you a handful of unique out of the box, and not so out of the box ideas for a costume party, based on the idea of going to a party with an alphabet theme. Well if you’ve been hanging out for more ideas, thank you for waiting! Wasting no time, I introduce to you your next costume ideas for a B themed party – and no, I’m not going to suggest you go as a bee!


Photo by Patrick


“I want to be Barbie… that girl gets everything” says the infamous quote, and it’s not a lie! From her dream house and her dream car, Barbie was setting the standards for unrealistic expectations everywhere with her long blonde hair, penchant for pink, and tiny proportions. If you want to live out your Barbie dreams, go with this classic Barbie look for your B themed party and simply think along the lines of “what would Paris Hilton wear?” because let’s face it, nobody thinks of Lawyer Barbie when we talk about the childhood doll, and Paris Hilton is basically Barbie in real life.


Photo by Uproxxx via Pinterest

Batman or Batgirl

The beautiful thing about dressing up as Batman to your next B themed party is that you have a lot of choices: Will you be the version that is Bruce Wayne by day in a fancy suit, or the Ben Affleck version with nipples? Will you utilise a more spandex, DIY friendly Adam West style of Batman, or hire a suit that looks like one from The Dark Knight? Or do you say “Screw Batman” and go as a sexy Batgirl instead? Maybe you’re more interested in going as Tom Hardy’s Bane? Either way you slice it, you can hire or DIY a version of this costume pretty easily, and you’re guaranteed to look different to the other guy who also came to the party as Batman…


Photo by Yasmin K Photography via Pinterest


Belle is my favourite Disney Princess ever, so if you invite me to a B themed party this is the character that I am going to come as. The most classic Belle outfit is to go with the long yellow dress that she dances around the ballroom with Beast in (also another good character to go as – couples costume anyone?) and as long as you have brown hair and carry a red rose with you there will be no mistaking your “tale as old as time”. The easiest thing to do with this costume if to purchase or hire them, and luckily there are plenty available out there in all manner of length.


Photo from Imgur

Betty Boop

Looking for a costume that is a little bit sexier than the tarted up versions of other characters? Betty Boop is the costume for you! You can don a short black curly wig, and wear a sparkly fabulous long red dress with a slit up the side. Add a red garter, and you have a sexy outfit that isn’t too slutty, but still sexy and iconic.


Photo by Monty Badami

Boba Fett

The intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett from the Star Wars series is my favourite character, and the favourite characters of many others as well! If you’re throwing a B themed party, and you have a spare bit of cash lying around, than this iconic and cool character if for you. Unless you’re an expert DIY-er though I highly recommend purchasing or hiring a Boba Fett costume for authenticity, because it takes a lot of work to put that helmet together!


Photo on Pinterest

Bond, James Bond

He goes by many names; 007 and James, but you won’t hear any groans if you show up looking like the most famous spy in the world. There’s heaps of different looks you can go for, depending on the actor playing this character (the Sean Connery look with a white dinner jacket, or a Daniel Craig Spectre look in a black turtleneck is also premium spy wear) but if you go in a nice suit then you will be sure to look the part.

     249363_2244500681709_4918341_n.jpg 1915434_165601283610_1817488_n.jpg

A Bride, Undead Bride, Bride of Frankenstein, or Bride of Chucky

Dressing as a different version of a bride is probably one of the most surprisingly versatile outfits out there, and one that I have dabbled in many different times with multiple looks. You can dress in a full meringue style poufy dress for a classic bride look, focus on more of a shorter and lacier number out of an 80’s film clip for a bad girl bachelorette bride (or wear a black fringed wig to look like Katy Perry’s version of a bride in her music video “Hot N Cold”), or you can rip and slash at your wedding dress and add bloodstains to go as an undead bride.

My favourite horror movie characters always end up as brides as well – such as the Bride of Frankenstein and the Bride of Chucky. I went as Tiffany, aka the Bride of Chucky, to my horror themed birthday party and rocked a long white slip wedding dress, black rocker jacket, fishnets, black boots, dark make up and a blonde wig. At the same party, my mother went as the Bride of Frankenstein in a crushed velvet dress and black stand up wig with white stripes and heaps of volume. Hands down I will chose a bride every time, and now you can too!


Photo from Pinterest

Buzz Lightyear

“To infinity and beyond!” will be shouted wherever you go if you don this Disney/ Pixar personality – and it definitely won’t be a bad thing. Like the idea of going to a party dressed as Boba Fett, Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit requires some serious intricacies and is best left to a costume hire company to bring the goods. In saying that though, your DIY skills might be off the chain. What do I know? I ain’t yo mumma!

Stay tuned for a C themed party coming up soon…

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