Five Ways To Use Aliens

Having a Sci-Fi themed party? Watching reruns of Star Trek or having a space themed birthday party for your son? Well Aliens are a great element to add in to a science fiction themed party and can really turn the party up a knotch depending on your intentions.

This month, to celebrate the impending release of my first ever Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination, which is being published with Gray Sky Publishing, I thought it would be very fitting to showcase five ways you can use the theme of aliens in your next event – God knows I will be!



Photo from via Pinterest

Alien Balloons or Lanterns

I love the idea of utilising the classic idea of what a little green man is in the form of balloons or lanterns. The idea of the classic alien is that it has a round face, similar to that of the shape of a balloon, so by blowing up round green balloons (or using round paper ball lanterns) you can stick some cut out cardboard pieces to be the eyes and you have an authentic and super easy DIY decoration.


Photo by Sugar Lagoon on Spaceships and Laserbeams

Eat the Aliens

Similar to the idea of using the classic alien head shape, you can make delicious party foods with this idea in mind. From rounded cookies, iced neon green cupcakes, or even making pizzas with salamis as round eyes, your guests will think your food is out of this world!


Photo by Pinterest

Neon Green Should Always Be Seen!

There is something so classic about the idea of aliens being seen as little green men from outer space with big eyes and no other facial features. Even if there are other depictions of grey creatures with dark faces, neon green is a highlight colour that should be the colour theme of any alien themed party. Use neon green coloured plates and napkins, hang up balloons, and use streamers in these colours. They might be a little hard to find, but by cutting it with spacey colours such as purple and black will help as well.


Photo via Pinterest

Stage an Alien Crash Landing

Everyone knows the mystery behind Roswell in the 1950’s and how Area 51 in America houses the aliens that crash landed there (everyone knows that, right?) so why not use this knowledge to good use and set up an alien crash landing in your front yard in order to greet you guests!

Inflatable aliens are available from purchase quite readily, but you can make your own UFO using cardboard or a pool cover and covering it in a silver material, such as a turned over tarpaulin, or even tin foil if your UFO isn’t that big. There are heaps of tutorials online to follow so find one you like the look of, dig some dirt into one side of it and call the feds!


Photo featured on The League of Heroes

Be the Alien

If you’re having an alien themed party, it’s kind of necessary that you dress up as an alien. Whether you go as a Yip Yip alien, a classic green alien, or the alien from Alien, dressing up is always required!

If you host your own alien themed party, I would love to see it! Don’t forget to email me photos to

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