Party Round Up – August

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Photo by Byron Carr

Welcome back to another special edition of Party Round Up! This month I have been celebrating The Party Connection’s fourth birthday by featuring some of my favourite editorials on blogs around the world, as well as featuring some of my very own special friends such as We Are Origami Photography, and my best friend and model Nicole Powell. I hope you enjoyed checking out these featured photographers and event stylists, and gathered heaps of inspiration for your next themed parties. Regular articles and posts return in the month of September, so get ready for another action packed month of celebrations and parties.

I hope you will join me in the birthday celebrations, by pouring yourself a glass of champagne and check out some of the amazing parties and articles that have me obsessed this month:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • I’ve been super into the gym at the moment, so I love this idea of a Bad Witch Workout by Gala Darling  and I loved this idea of viewing Working out as a Magical Practice but I also adore Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Challenge!
  • It’s a well known secret that reality television isn’t real thanks to whistle blowers like drama TV series UnReal, but when you watch a survival show you can generally forget that they are just like The Bachelor or The Kardashians – scripted situations to sell ratings. One whistler blowing contestant on the hilarious survival show Naked and Afraid open the lid to showcase what being on the show was really like – and it was riveting! Check out the article on her own blog here.
  • I, along with thousands of many other women, constantly apologise when we don’t need to. That’s why it is refreshing to read articles about people like Amy Schumer or The New York Times’ article on why we should stop saying sorry. You could also do what they did at Buzzfeed and catch yourself by saying, “I’m so excited!” Yeah that will work instead…

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