Party Round Up – July

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Photo by Byron Carr

Hooray! It’s my favourite time of year again, and I’m not talking about winter because that’s not something I am down with. No, what I am talking about is that the 31st July is my birthday, and it’s always a banger! While you are reading this, I will be ringing in my twenty-sixth birthday with a trip to the snow, trying out skiing for the first time, sipping some spiked hot chocolate with delectable marshmallow cream, and hopefully sitting by a roaring fire!

July has been super busy writing wise this year, with collaborations through many different blogs and websites, including HerCanberra, ACT Rescue and Foster, and Alzheimer’s Australia. Soon you will be seeing some of my articles appearing on the website My Trending Stories, and my speculative fiction novel is not far away from it’s release date, so stay tuned for that!

I’m going to head back to the slopes now, but to keep you occupied, check out some of the awesome Party Round Up articles below, and get ready for a super special editorial themed month coming up in August to celebrate The Party Connection’s fourth birthday – it’s going to be a blast!

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • Want to see some beautiful alternative photo shoots? Then go no further than The Sticks and Stones Agency. Be warned though, it’s very NSFW.
  • This Copenhagen Brooch in Mint Rain is ADORABLE! Anyone want to send me one?
  • I’m discovering more and more about the benefits of being natural and healthy, so I’ve definitely jumped on board when I discovered Plant Skincare and Health Lab.
  • This beautiful Femmes to the Front 8 page zine is a wonderful way to get engrossed in feminism! It includes a recipe for slut brownies, and even a glossary about things that don’t make you a bad feminist. It’s very helpful for people like me who is trying to be empowered more, but can’t help but love classic 1950’s housewife dresses and pink cupcakes!
  • And speaking of feminism, cupcakes and my slow move into the feminist movement, I have some interesting articles from the other side of the coin as well, including Quartz’ article on We sold feminism to the masses and now it means nothing,  and HerCanberra’s take on whether or not there is a pink tax.there is a pink tax.
  • Also, keep checking out  Gala Darling’s blog for amazing loveliness!

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