Should I Have Coloured Hair For My Wedding?


Photo by Janneke Storm of Ainsley from Sticks and Stones Agency

Multi-coloured and hyper-coloured hair is a super popular trend right now, and hair colours can range anywhere from sophisticated old lady grey to rainbow to bright pink. Walking past someone with seafoam green hair isn’t really unusual anymore, and with the amazing abilities of hairdressers and DIY tutorials on Youtube, it’s not uncommon to see the brightly coloured hairstyles braided and fastened in intricate and beautiful ways.

But should you have this crazy coloured hair for your wedding day?

The answer is – it’s up to you! There’s a lot of ways that a cool hair colour schemes can work in a wedding – if you’re getting married in a funky, possibly grungy place like a hyper active Las Vegas wedding chapel with Elvis as your celebrant or even if you’re renewing your vows at Burning Man. It could work if you have plan your wedding decorations around it – such as having a bright pink pop of colour in a monotone colour scheme to highlight your own bright pink tresses. It could even work if your natural style is simply cool, fun, retro or quirky.

The chances are the people who are coming to your wedding are people close to you, and people who know the real you, so if the cool, multi-coloured hair person you are is really you than your guests  won’t bat an eyelash if you walk down the aisle with a bright blue head of hair.

The only question you have to ask yourself when it comes to your hair colour comes down to your wedding photos and the way you remember your big day. If you think you will look at your wedding photos one or two years down the track, or even when you have kids and you are sharing the day with them, will you regret having pink hair? If the answer is no, then go for it, but if the answer is yes, than maybe re-think the dye.

A lot of people decide to re-dye the hair a more natural tone before their wedding, and this is totally fine too. These will  be pictures of a day you will remember forever and you will want to remember them fondly. But if you do decided to have dyed your hair a crazy colour my best piece of advice is to have it dyed because you want to and not because it was popular at the time – in the end, it’s the trending and popular things that will make you cringe in five years time (just look at ANYTHING that was popular five years ago and see how you feel!).

If you want some inspiration, I strongly recommend having a look at Rock n Roll Bride – the leading alternative bride website run by the wonderful and pink haired Kat Williams.

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One thought on “Should I Have Coloured Hair For My Wedding?

  1. I agree! I have one regret about my wedding – and that is I wish I’d got married with a pretty pink head! I dyed my hair pink months after getting married and now I wish I could go back in time!


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