Bridal Hair Inspiration

How you wear your hair and do your make up at your wedding is a perfect flow from the style of wedding dress you wear and the overall tone of the wedding. You could be wearing a completely regal gown in a wedding ceremony that would make Cinderella swoon, but if you have a hair do that’s not quite as formal as the dress, it might make for a strange detached look – and nobody wants that on their wedding day!

Luckily for you, there are plenty of styles available and ways to glam up your hairdo to have you feeling fabulous. From free and flowing to up and sleek, here are some inspirational ideas that could help put all the pieces together.

Elegant and Up:

Sweeping your hair up and into a glorious bun is an excellent way to wear your elegance, sophistication and glamour on the top of your head like the regal crown you deserve on your wedding day! Whether you adorn it with elegant crystal, diamond or pearl slides, add in a few braids or intricate bobs, these hairstyles are perfect for regal Cinderella gowns or column contemporary styles.With this style as well, you can also utilise more of a loose look to go with a more casual effect, or stick with a poised effect if you keep it smooth and perfect,

     d3428d4af92010497604344fd20b0f51 we_are_origami_beach_goddesses_editorial-006

Photo from ModWedding via Pinterest. Photo by We Are Origami Photography.

      weareorigami_novella_editorial_lr-149.jpg  f8fae6492f9e661ed00dc8820e9ab1f0

Photo by We Are Origami Photography. Photo from Style Me Pretty via Pinterest

Relaxed and Simple:

This relaxed hairstyle works really well for hair that is long and naturally worn, or if you are keen to wear hair extensions. The idea is that it’s long and free-flowing, with a simple style that might include a wavy ponytail, a few hidden braids, or even just tying a few strands to the side. The more intricate elements, the more elegant it becomes, but you can use Bohemian accessories or delicate slides to amp up the hairdo. These kind of styles work well with shorter, cocktail style wedding dresses, more relaxed swirly ends, or a straight column.

       Liana-Nath-286-1240x1860  SarahDougie-222-1240x1860

Photo by Beck Rocci Photography. Photo by Beck Rocci Photography


Photo by Beck Rocci Photography 

         weareorigami_sunset_desert_editorial_lr-101  weareorigami_industrialelegance_editorial_lr-172

Photo by We Are Origami Photography. Photo by We Are Origami Photography

And if you are looking for any more ideas, then your best bet would be Pinterest. Showing your hair dresser any of the hair styles on there should be really easy to replicate (depending on the style and the hairdresser of course!)

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