Putting Together A Bar Cart With Secrets of a Party Planner


Photo by coco + kelley

A bar is an essential part of any party that will feature adults, and with the right drinks available it can really set the tone of a party – from sophisticated and suave, to themed and fun.

Some basic alcohol and mixers when setting up your bar include the following:

Basics: A classic alcohol package that you can find at a venue includes beer, wine and champagne or sparkling wine, so get the best you can afford. Offer both premium and light beer, as well as both red and white wine. If you want to add a few fancy options, you could include rosé or cider, which are generally chilled. Most basic bar carts will have a basic wine and beer collection.

Spirits: When putting together a more spirit-based bar you will need to cover all the popular varieties. Get the best of what you can afford according to your budget, but make sure to include bourbon, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila and vodka. These are basic spirits and should satisfy everyone’s different tastes and preferences.

Liqueurs: These are spirit-based drinks that are usually sweetened and flavoured to mix with the basic spirits and mixers. Together, they can make a pretty neat cocktail, so if going down this road you will need to get the basics of crème de menthe (peppermint liqueur), Kahlua (coffee flavoured liqueur), fruit brandies and mixes (you can get strawberry, banana, apple, cinnamon etc.) and crème de cacao (a cocoa and vanilla liqueur).

Mixers: Mixers are what you put with the spirits and liqueurs to create a cocktail or mixed drink, but they are also delicious on their own and can work as drinks for the designated drivers. The basics include cola, lemonade, cranberry juice, orange juice, lime cordial, peach cordial, ginger ale, soda water, pineapple juice and cream.

Equipment: These items are necessary if you are leaving your guests to create their own concoctions. You will need a variety of glassware (wine glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes, martini glasses and shot glasses), mini tongs, a cocktail shaker, a measuring jug and measuring spoons, a corkscrew and a bottle opener. Depending on the party, you can get a bit fancy and add some lemon rinds and decorations such as umbrellas as well.

Once you’ve got your drinks and equipment together, arrange them on your bar or table for guests to have easy access to and don’t forget to decorate it like you did your food or dessert table!

To learn more about setting up a bar cart of your own, or for any other details when it comes to planning a party, then check out Secrets of a Party Planner by clicking the photo below:

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