Edible Confetti Recipe

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I’ve been interested in making a confetti cake for some time now, ever since I was so proud of my first real cake I baked. I found a great recipe for making your own edible confetti from Cake Whiz  and wanted to give it a go, so I thought I would give you a recipe and methodology on how to make the edible confetti. The edible confetti will take a long time to completely harden and dry out before being able to put on a cake, so it’s better to do this part first a day or two before you actually make the cake. Here goes:


  • Coloured ready to use fondant (I used white fondant from Aldi and sprayed it silver using edible spray paint)
  • Rolling Pin
  • A baking tray with baking paper laid out on it
  • Decorating tips, hole punch or another circular cutting tool to cut the fondant with
  • Icing Sugar (to help harden the fondant if need be)


  1. On a smooth surface that is sprinkled with some icing sugar (to avoid sticking, kind of like using plain flour when rolling dough) use a rolling pin to roll out the fondant into a smooth and flat surface. Leave this rolled fondant to sit for 10 minutes so it dries a little.
  2. Cut out circular confetti shapes from the fondant using the tip of an icing mixture, or another small round cutting tool.
  3. Place the cut out circles onto a sheet of baking paper and let them dry for at least 24 hours, or until they have completely hardened.
  4. Once the confetti circles are hardened, pack them in an air tight container, jar or Ziploc bag until you make your cake to bake them all.

The next step is all about the baking of the cake and then adding these delightful edible confetti decorations to your tasty treat! Once you master this, you can start to master more ornate decorations, but I will get back to you about that in due course! I found this did take a long while to make, but it hardened well.

I ended up using white fondant (because it was the only colour I had available to me at the time) and then used edible glitter spray paint to colour it in. It became silver, so it worked perfectly to create edible confetti rocks for a garden party cake!

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