The Secrets of a Party Planner On Sale Now!

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It’s been a few years in the making, and I even announced the arrival of my eBook Secrets of a Party Planner back in January 2015 but it is with an exciting sigh of relief that I announce the arrival of  Secrets of a Party Planner ON SALE NOW!

You may have seen a lot of new changes coming up on the website recently. I’ve done a lot of background work that has hopefully not been too noticeable, but it has all been in preparation for The Party Connection Shop, as you can see in the menu bar above, and for the release of Secrets of a Party Planner.

If you want to know the ins and outs of planning a party, if you need handy checklists and inspiration, and if you want tried, tested and true tips for planning the ultimate event than why not get your knowledge from a professional party planner with years of experience and education?

With a handy breakdown between initial planning stages, ways of finding inspiration, putting it all together and learning from the experience, Secrets of a Party Planner will have you ready to party in no time!

To purchase your own copy of Secrets of a Party Planner simply click here:       Add to Cart

And while I’m here, I just want to thank a few people for their hard work and tireless efforts in helping me get The Secrets of a Party Planner out there:

  • I want to thank my wonderful husband Byron Carr for helping me and being very patient with me through InDesign Training and supporting me while I pursued my party planning dreams! I also want to thank him for putting the finishing touches together to make the product of my imagination a perfect reality, and for his amazing work putting the advertisements on the map – I couldn’t be here without you!
  • I also want to thank the incredible Marion Mapham from U Write I Edit for all of her hard work editing Secrets of a Party Planner and making sure it was up to scratch. Without your tireless efforts, I’m not sure I would be a writer today!

So thank you both, and thank you everyone for sticking with me while I got my first eBook off the ground – spread the news, and here’s to many more party planning tips to come!

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