Party Round Up May

Peter Hollmann

Photo by Peter Hollmann Pet Photography

Um, how cute is my dog? Like seriously – he is adorable! Buddy recently starred in a photo shoot with Peter Hollmann Pet Photography, where Peter is putting together a photo book that features dogs in Canberra locations. He also ended up on the front cover of HerCanberra when I wrote an article about Peter’s project – damn am I a stage mother! Check it out at the link above, and check out some of the other articles I have been writing as well.

Now, beyond this adorable photo of my dog that everybody should see, I do have an excellent announcement to make as to why this post is early this month. It’s to clear the decks to make way for a very special release next week – that’s right, my eBook The Secrets of a Party Planner is finally being released on Friday June 3rd! You will be able to purchase it right here on Friday, so stay tuned for the countdown!

But while you are waiting, feel free to get a bit click happy on some of these articles as well:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • I’m loving the design and DIY ideas for this beautiful website Almost Makes Perfect. Check out the glorious marble right now.
  • Need to lift your Instagram game with your flat lays? I won a competition with The Home for one of mine, so I’m always keen to get more inspiration. Check out HerCanberra for their top tips.
  • I wrote an article that I am very pleased about for the Alzheimer’s Australia website, about the impact of testing mice and other animals in scientific experiments, what that means for people with Alzheimer’s, and what other options we have. Check it out at the Alzheimer’s Australia page today.
  • The 69 Eyes has released the latest album Universal Monsters and I am in LOVE!


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