More Awesome TV Show Themed Parties

You may have remembered that some time ago I put together a post about the top 8 TV show themed parties you can have. It went well, but recently I’ve really been upping my TV watching game. I’ve written a few posts for HerCanberra about different TV shows that are excellent to binge watch, and since getting Netflix two months ago most nights are spent sitting on my couch. So I thought it was time to revisit some of the best TV shows that would make excellent themed parties.


Once Upon A Time

I love Once Upon A Time because it crosses the magical world of fairy tales and classic stories we love (including Disney movies like Frozen, tales from mythology like Hercules, and stories such as The Wizard of Oz) into our real world and introduces excitement in the characters in their purest forms. It also makes a great theme for a themed party because you can focus on a simple “enchanted forest” theme and include elements of your favourite fairy tales to top it all off – the more different fairy tales the better!

And the best part? There are so many characters for your guests to go as, you will find yourself lost amongst a sea made up of Ruby, Emma Swan, Hook, Peter Pan, Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, Zalena, Robin Hood, Belle and Rumplestiltskin to name a few! Now that’s one party I want to be invited to (but I bags being Belle!)


American Horror Story: Coven

I’ve spoken about hosting an American Horror Story: Coven themed party before, but for some reason it has really stuck with me and I’m quite obsessed with having one. You can decorate by having a super fancy event complete with chandeliers and candleabra’s and taxidermy, and then add in more gothic and voodoo elements to top the theme off. It’s all about being fabulous, devious and frivolity with voodoo – and what wouldn’t be more fun than swanning around in a fabulous cocktail dress at a gothic party?

If you have hosted your own American Horror Story: Coven themed party I am dying to see pictures! Send them over to



Futurama is one of my favourite TV shows and the characters in the show provide ample costume options for a Futurama themed party. If you can style your party like a Planet Express workspace -maybe green for the spaceship and red turrets and spirals for the actual building, you can bring a metropolitan atmosphere in with greys, black and trending cinderblock style decor. Robots and the worlds that the Planet Express crew visit on their daily adventures can also give you ample inspiration for the event styling – plus, I’ve always wanted to do a couples costume with Fry and Leela, so any excuse will do for me!


The Amazing Race

I mentioned in my last post that having a Survivor themed party would be super fun, so why not follow in the same vein and host an Amazing Race party? You can put together fun clues and riddles or challenges that groups have to do or pick up a long the way and the end result could land you with some fun prizes and a birthday bash just waiting to be celebrated. It’s guaranteed to be different, and one that your guests will remember!


Sex and the City

There is nothing more perfect a theme for a he’s party, bridal shower or 21st birthday party than Sex and the City. A feminine icon, Sex and the City is all about women, cosmopolitan cocktails and Manolos, which makes a pretty rockin’ party! You can serve frothy pink cupcakes and cocktails against a DIY skyline or backdrop of Manhattan, and shoes could be your feature! Play some Sex and the City in the background, and you will be gold!

I hope you liked these new TV show themed parties. If you feel like I missed anything, feel free to drop me a line by emailing me at or by dropping a comment in the section below.

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