Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

The floral arrangements that you carry down the aisle with you on your wedding day can speak volumes on your personality, your romance and create a peak theme that can flow through your entire wedding – from the colours you use, to the types of flowers in the bouquet. Here are some inspiring blooms to help you decide what you should carry down the aisle.

Classic Floral Bouquet

It’s hard to go by a classic floral bouquet for a wedding because it’s just so versatile! Whether you’ve chosen to feature wildflowers, lilies, blossoms, orchids, roses or any other kind of mixture, floral bouquets look great in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They match any type of wedding, and will look great with any kind of dress -whether you have decided to go for a sleek contemporary design, or a frothy princess gown.

Autumn bouquet we_are_origami_nicole_jarred_wedding-066.jpg

Photo from Pinterst via Hooray Magazine. Photo by We Are Origami Photography

Photo by Aimee Claire Photography

Bejewelled and Bloomless

Feeling a bit fancy, or want to keep your bridal bouquet on the mantle to treasure along with your favourite wedding photo and your cake topper? Why not try a bouquet that isn’t disposable at all? You can use any kind of fabric or material for this bouquet and it can vary as far as bejewelled sequins, floral broaches, buttons or even paper cranes. The idea is only limited to how far you want to take it yourself!

  33c656c0a3d8ddc9b513fea8f3d11a1c e36f322cefb6f7d260c8876d654aa94d

Photo via Pinterest. Photo via Pinterest

   116970df162bceea971dea1e853ba161 Paper Bouquet

Photo via Pinterest. Photo via Pinterest.

Floral with a fresh funky twist

Add something fresh to your wedding bouquet by introducing other natural elements into the design, such as berries, fruits and nuts. My wonderful bouquet, pictured below, was created by the ever fantastic As A Whisper and included a variety of white flowers and lilies mixed with a few freshly cut limes in the bouquet to match our lime and coconut theme in the wedding. It made for a beautiful look, and wrapped in my mother’s tarten as a homage to our Scottish heritage it was a perfect inclusion for the day.

These kind of bouquets are excellent for a wedding with a twist on a theme, an Australian or country style focus, or simply if you want something a little bit different!

Lime and Coconut Flowers Blueberry Bouquet

Photo by Nora Devai Photography. Photo via Pinterest.

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