Have A Can’t Be Tamed Themed Party

Before Miley decided to jump off the deep end she was spreading her wings and learning to fly without the Disney channel – quite literally when it came to the music video of her song Can’t be tamed. This bird themed video had so many cool elements in it, from the feathers to the grungy feel, and I can’t help but feel it would make an excellent themed party. Here are some ways you can host your own Can’t be tamed themed party at home.


Photo by Second City Soiree

Birds of a feather flock together

Can’t be tamed is set in a natural history museum, showcasing the audience the rare Miley bird, so it’s safe to say that incorporating birds and feathers into your party is a must. Utilise the current trend of steel geometrics or get yourself an actual birdcage to pose as the centrepiece to your party’s decorations. Use nests and other natural elements on your dessert table to bring all the bird themed items together, and even having a long stem vase of peacock feathers or even crows feathers will set the scene.


Photo by Celebrations

Black is your base colour

Everything in Miley Cyrus’ Cant be tamed film clip is an ominous and shadowy black, so ensuring that the base colour of your party decorations are black is key. Use black plastic tablecloths and off set it with a black faux fur or faux leather rug. Use black faux leather room accessories like pillows and pleather decorations and think grunge!

decorating with taxidermy 7.jpg

Photo by Home Heart Craft


I’m not a big taxidemery fan, but if there is ever a particular time that you are going to whip out the stuffed body of an animal, than a Can’t be tamed themed party is probably the best go. Like I mentioned perviously, this film clip is set in a natural history museum, so there are taxidermy animals everywhere in the show. If you have taxidermy bugs, hydes or animals then break them out and put them on display.


Dress the part

Themed parties are always better if your guests dress up so make sure everyone knows to look the part! It could be a fur wrap you’ve always wanted to adorn, leather boots or Black Milk liquid tights, even a fur headdress you’ve squirreled away from when it was fashionable. Think naughty, dark and animal print, primp up your hair and hit the dance floor!

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