The Night Circus Themed Party


As an avid book lover, it was long until I picked up Erin Morgernstern’s The Night Circus – an enchanting and magical love story that spans across lifetimes and takes place in a rather mysterious and beautiful circus. The story is about two rival magicians who pit their students Marco and Celia against each other in an arena called The Night Circus – a travelling black and white circus that mysteriously arrives and disappears at whim, provides no notification of its arrival, and is filled with mesmerising acts, rooms and sideshows that go well beyond your regular lion tamers and acrobatic performances usually found in a circus.

The story is told from numerous points of view and from different people involved in the circus, as well as inviting you in as a spectator during a visit as well, and was one of the most spectacular books I have ever read, as it combines all these mysterious elements that I adore (circuses, magicians and magic, romance, gothic arenas etc etc). I couldn’t help be spellbound into thinking that the Night Circus would be an excellent theme for a party. Here are some ways you can transform your next event into this magical wonderland.


Photo by Jessica Claire Photography

Black and White Stripes are Key

The Night Circus is a circus and is one of the biggest components of the book, so planning your party around a circus theme is crucial, however you need to do your best to avoid the generic red, white and blue striped and starred circus items you can purchase as basic decorations. Instead, opt for black and white striped plates, napkins and cups (you can get perfect ones from Paper Eskimo!) backdrops, furniture, balloons, anything and top it all off by creating a sweeping big top feel by hanging black and white material from a central point in your venue!


Photo by Tammy Mitchell at Pink Peppermint Prints and Parties

Add Gothic Decorations

There is a general feeling of gothic overtures and Victorian century elegance throughout The Night Circus (primarily because the story takes place in the 18th century) so adding these Victorian style or gothic touches to the decorations will add the extra elegance you need to bring your party beyond a generic black and white party theme. Utilise black chandeliers or candelabras with dripping red or emerald green taper candles, black glitter skulls, top hats and tails, carousel horses and anything else that might be considered Victoria, Gothic or circus-y.


Photo found on Pinterest

Mysterious Invitations

The Night Circus arrives without warning, but granted a few special people receive mysterious invitations on when to expect the next circus. Naturally, seeing as this is a party, you need to provide some sort of information, so do what they do in the novel for those in the know – provide a single black business card sized invitation with silver ink saying “Le Cirque des Reves” on one side, and then put the information for the party on a white background on the other side.


Photo by Buttery Books

Magical Food

The Night Circus has some amazing ideas when it comes to the food that you can serve at your party, including circus classics like popcorn, fairy floss and candy apples, but there was also delicate meals such as chocolate mice and delicious hot chocolate. You can essentially also serve anything you want as long as it is black and white to match the theme!

So there you have it, some wonderfully magical ways that you can turn a circus themed party on it’s head and enjoy reading a good book while you are at it. If you have any other book suggestions that you would like me to look in to, please feel free to comment in the section below or send me an email to

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