Party Round Up April


Photo by Shimelle Laine

It’s a bit of a short round up for you today, so I do apologize for that! I normally paste heaps of music videos or some sort of Youtube tutorial on the Party Round Up pages, but I’ve been trying recently not to get too sucked in to the tube in order to work on my other creative outlets, so I have a little bit less to say this month. Hopefully, this will change next month as I try to branch out a little more.

I can’t believe it’s the end of April already! Having Easter come around so early in March really knocked me off my feet, and it was hard to readjust! Heaps of things have been happening this month – I went to Melbourne to attend a conference for work and visit my brother, so we had a great time working out, hanging out and spending time together one on one. We also had my brother and sister-in-law visit and stay with us, and Buddy starred in a special photo shoot for Peter Hollmann Photography as well. Many of my articles her for HerCanberra and the ACT Rescue and Foster Organisation came out as well, so make sure you check them out as well!

I’ll leave you with this short round up, and a promise of a longer one next month. See in May for Mother’s Day!

Party Round Up:

  • I love the idea behind this immaculate white and gold with animals-in-a-forest themed baby shower, that isn’t really a baby shower at all but more of a chance for friends and family to come round and pay a visit to the new baby. Turning party ideas on their heads is the best part of planning a party and surprising your guests, so it’s great to see Hooray magazine showcasing this excellent events – even if this new mum’s home will NEVER be this spotless again.
  • Still thinking about Hooray, check out the amazing idea behind a chocolate platter – kind of like a cheese platter, but deliciously sweet instead! What a great idea!
  • Looking for something to turn your dessert table into something spectacular? Then check out this lemon sunshine cake to add a burst of life into your next event.
  • I love this blog post by We Are Origami about event styling in a DIY age.

Other Articles:

  • ABC News has lifted the lid on the history of zombies and the fact it could be a product of racism. Check out the interesting read on the website today. 
  • While we are on the ABC News circuit as well, Lauren Rosewarne wrote an amazing article about the controversy surrounding an equality bake sale at a Queensland University, meant to highlight the pay gap but sparking outrage over discrimination. I loved this article because Lauren and the group behind the quality bake sale are 100% correct, and it is ridiculous that the feminists highlighting the inequality were threatened with rape over it!
  • Check out Peechaya Burrough’s amazing photography series!
  • Is Facebook like sugar? Find out about the addiction here.
  • I am a proud Generation Y’er – I honestly believe that growing up in the 1990’s was the best of times, and that we have so much available to us and witnessed the birth of so many advancements to the world. I still remember the horrible dialing tone of the internet as you used it on a library computer, and saving things to floppy disks. I recently got Netflix and felt like I finally got back in touch with the future that I had been neglecting since vacating the party circuit.  My latest phrase is a quote from The Simpsons against the teens of today: “Am I that out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong”. I honestly believe that because of the power of the 90’s show Captain Planet, we are a much more environmentally friendly and tolerant generation, destined to make hipster looking children. I am also completely against lock out laws that plague party districts in Sydney. As someone who can go to a club and not get drunk and still have fun, the problem is with the violent jerks who have ruined the scene for everyone else. Legislation and laws need to tackle these assholes who are are quite figuratively pooping on the party. We’re not all coward punching people, and going out is unheard of now because of these ridiculous laws. This rant of mine stems from my next link, which was from The Monthly and was showcased on Generation Y friendly Triple J recently, about The Baby Boomer Supremacy and the death of the party. It’s an interesting read, and a hilarious view to include a picture of old people conga-lining on the beach. It’s probably one of the most intelligent articles made available this year, and you need to read it.

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