Have An Only Girl In The World Themed Party

I recently put together a Wildest Dreams themed party post, and I was keen to delve a little further into the wonderful world of music videos for more party themes. One that I found which would make an excellent Valentine’s Day themed party, Mother’s Day bash, bridal shower or even a first baby (girl) shower, is Rhianna’s film clip for her song”Only Girl In The World”. If you want to make your mark on a unique girly theme, then here is how you do it:


Photo from Masterpiece Weddings

Choose a Dusty Colour Theme

Rhianna’s “Only Girl In The World” music video has a dusty hue of red and pink overlaying colours throughout the clip, so this is definitely where you should draw your colour inspiration from for your party. Use dull coloured red and pink striped paper plates, cups and napkins on your dessert table (instead of bright colours), send out pink invitations, and even use a glow of sunset colours as a backdrop. Utilise pink, red and off white colours throughout your party and you will be getting into the swing of things in no time.


Photo from Pinterest via Wedding Mania

All the Florals!

Rhianna’s film clip is one of the most girl-est film clips I have ever seen, and that is because she uses a lot of girly element, tones and textures heightened by the presence of nature. If you have access to a property where you can host your event, this would be perfect, otherwise you can have it in your own backyard or bring the backyard to you by incorporating naturalistic elements into the party, such as heaps of greenery, hay bales and twigs, and heaps and heaps of flowers!

If you can get yourself a wall of flowers then you are all the way there my friend, but if not utilise different dusty hued blooms in blues, creams, pinks and reds by putting them in vases of leaves around your tables. If you can get a huge flower prop or floral swing, this would be excellent, but otherwise you can definitely settle for topiary shaped images or simply just florals.


Photo via Pinterest

Big Round Balloons

Balloons are very versatile nowadays and they come in all different shapes and sizes. To emanate Rhianna’s classic pose on top of a metallic structure in water surrounded by colourful balls, you can get yourself some giant balloons in similar purple, red and pink colours and scatter them sporadically around your venue.  Bonus points if you incorporate the current geometric and metallic trends going around as well.


Dress the Part

Rhianna is flawless in her “Only Girl In The World” film clip in wearing Bohemian style free-flowing dresses and skirts, navel revealing crop shirts, feminine fabrics like faux fur and knits, and her bright red hair that also fits in well with the film clip.Tell your ladies to put on their most fabulously trendy floral inspired outfits, whip on the song and start to dance!

 If you decide to channel your inner Rhianna and host an “Only Girl In The World” themed party, I wanna know about it! Send your photos to thepartyconnection@hotmail.com or drop me a line in the comment section below. I can guarantee that no one is giving you advice like this!

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