Trending: Urban Western Themes

As the weather in Australia starts to turn and we begin to prep for the winter months by bringing out our jackets, a new fashion trend has hit the shops to mesh with Autumn inspired tones of deep red and caramel browns. This new trend will be trickling into the event world soon, so stay on top of the trending scene by getting inspiration for your next event today!

The idea behind this new fashion trend is country-style Western Urban. It’s your classic idea of jeans and denim, shades of browns and caramel in a mix of materials, such as suedes and faux print. The initial idea is to think of country Western style clothing and then mix these elements into trending event aspects that are currently popular – current popular elements such as marble, brushed metallic and mirrored pieces, hollow geometrics, industrial “hipster” style woods and natural grains, and even berry red colours that I spoke about last month.

It might seem like a bit of a mesh of elements, but when put with a few of these extra décor items you can really turn the pizzazz of your party up a notch. It’s a great theme for a children’s party, a pot luck dinner, or even a warm homecoming, so check out these ideas below and get cracking on putting your next event together in a way that will make your guests say, “Yee-ha!”


Photo by Dann Event Hire


Photo by Kelly Alison Photography


Photo by Cindy Lee for Kara’s Party Ideas


Photo by Cindy Lee for Kara’s Party Ideas

Let me know if you use any trending Western styles in your next event, by emailing me at or by leaving me a comment in the section below:

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