DIY Easter Egg Tattoos


Photo by Alisha Green from Dandelion Life

Decorating your Easter Eggs can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. There are so many different ways you can decorate for Easter, including painting delicate filigree on the smooth surface, boiling them in dyed water from natural or preserved dyes, and even using ready made shrink wraps. You can see a lot of these techniques from a few of my Easter themed posts last year (such as 3 Alternate Easter Baskets and Egg Crafts for Easter), but if you are a little light on time, creativity or inspiration then boy do we have the DIY project for you!

Using temporary tattoos on your Easter Eggs are so easy, that you’ll be astounded what you can do! All you need to do is follow the directions below:


Temporary Tattoos (Anything you want in colour, style or theme! The choice is up to you!)

Clean hard boiled eggs (white are better, but you can use brown too)

2 cloth’s (one wet, one dry)



  1. Prep your tattoo by cutting the appropriate shape out of your tattoo and line it up on your egg, removing the clear film on top of it.
  2. Like when putting a temporary tattoo on your skin, press the tattoo facedown and use a dampen cloth to spread a small amount of water over the back of the tattoo until completely moist.
  3. Leave for the amount of time directed on the tattoo (usually 1 – 2 minutes) and then slide the backing off.
  4. Dry by dabbing a cloth over the tattoo gently, ensuring nothing rubs off. Leave the tattoo to dry completely before showing to your friends.

And then you have it – one of the most simple ways you can decorate an egg this Easter – and with all of the amazing temporary tattoo designs out there, it’s guaranteed to look good!

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