Trending: Rich Wine Colour Themes


Photo by Estella Photography for White Magazine

Autumn is finally here, despite the begrudging I give it knowing that Winter is on it’s way (my apologies to those in America who just had Winter – get ready for the Australia “Winter is coming” memes coming soon!) but that means a new season of colours to grace the event industry, and this time I am on the ball thanks to my sudden keen interest in fashion!

One of the perfect new inspiring colours making waves is including a mix of camel browns and wine or berry reds into the-already-trending-and-will-continue-to-do-so trend of industrial organic woods and natural elements (the hipster look) and the addition of marbles and brushed metals. This beautiful rich Autumn colour is so deep and brooding that it works perfectly against wooden tables and lush flower arrangements, so it won’t be long until you see these babies pop up everywhere!

So get in on this trend at the ground floor, and check out some of the ways you can bring wine and berry colours into your next event.

Marsula Musings

Photo by Estella Photography for White Magazine

Floral Inspiration Autumn bouquet

Photo from Pinterst via Hooray Magazine


Photo by Larissa Cleveland


Photo by Larissa Cleveland

So tell me, how are you going to incorporate this season’s hottest trending colours? Let me know in the comment section below and share your photos with me!

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