The Best Non-Party Stores To Buy Party Decorations

It’s hard sometimes to find some good party decorations without it costing an arm and leg in shipping from overseas, and while Australia has some excellent party suppliers out there in all kinds of fields and all kinds of styles, sometimes it’s just too hard to get to. Nonetheless, you still want your party to be a success, so what do you do and where do you go?

I have compiled a short list of some of the best places to get party decorations for your next event or party, that aren’t necessarily party stores. Please note as well, that these stores are Australian based.

typo cover

Photo by Typo at Perth City


Typo are an off-shoot of the clothing store Cotton On and focus primarily on stationary like funky pens and notebooks, but also sell gifts, cards, signs and homewares. They have a great collection of wall decorations, such as sweet and light, and darker and vintage style posters and world maps, as well as an array of matching decor including large letters (perfect for spelling out “Happy Birthday!” or the guest of honour’s name), light bulb lit signs, lanterns and strings of fairy lights,  fake metallic skulls and geometric terrariums – all of which would make great decoration elements for your next party.

If you want something more party though, they do also have a small range of craft and party supplies, including confetti poppers, bunting, photo props, DIY Garlands, scrapbooks and a whole host of other things. They are a perfect one stop shop if you want to make it yourself, and are generally very affordable!


Photo by Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture

Don’t let the furniture bit fool you – Freedom sells lifestyle items that will not only look great at your next party, but they provide an awesome aspect to your home after the event. While they do sell couches and tables, they also sell decor items like cushions, geometric round balls that have no purpose other than just sitting there looking pretty, table runners, tableware, lanterns and lights, vessels and vases, ornaments, frames and flowers.

Freedom is also a very on trend place when it comes to the latest in homeware designs, which usually comes in to fashion after it’s trickle down from the catwalk and around the same time things become popular in the event industry (such as the fact marble is having it’s turn right now, you will find a lot of marble decor items in Freedom) so you will be guaranteed to be on pointe with your event trends. Now Freedom is a little more expensive than Typo, but you get an item that is going to withstand and last way beyond your party as well, and that’s a great deal if you ask me!


Photo by The Home

The Home

The Home is a similar store to Freedom Furniture in the fact that it sells homeware items and can indeed sell you a couch if you were so inclined. However, The Home generally focuses more on the smaller items that makes a home, well… a home. Items like throw rugs, kitchenware, pillows, terrariums and items that are purely decoration and have absolutely no function whatsoever, such as bronzed statues of bunnies and the whatnot. The thing is, bronzed statues of bunnies would look damn cute on your Alice in Wonderland themed dessert table, so there’s really no reason to look into party stores if you have your favourite homeware stores nearby.

The Home is a completely online experience, and generally gets to you pretty fast once it a sale has ended. It’s also extremely on point with the latest trends and the store is full of things that you never realised that you needed…

This website’s prices range from cheap to medium to high, depending on what you’re looking at and the sale that is on, but to be honest you will be so taken with this website that you’ll rack up the dollars pretty quickly, and won’t even feel bad when it comes in the mail once you see the excellent quality of the items.


Photo by Etsy


Etsy is one of the best website stores available because it not only sells EVERYTHING under the sun, but all the products are usually handmade with love and care and are completely unique in a way that you are never going to find similar items in stores around your hometown. From party supplies and personalised wedding stickers to sculptures and other designer products, Etsy is the best place to for something different.

The best thing is that if you are happy to pay the extra shipping, you can get items from international suppliers as well, so that cool thing you wanted for your party that is only available in America, might just be available on Etsy too!

So there you have it, four awesome Australian stores that are perfect for picking up all of your party pieces. Now because I have a lot of readers in America as well, I would love to do a post that focuses on similar stores across the USA. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave them in the comment section below or email me at and your suggestion might just be featured on the blog some time in the future!

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