5 Ways To Use Nautical Elements

I go crazy over nautical patterns, prints and styles. I love the colour navy, I love mixing it with nautical white stripes or polka dots and adding an anchor to anything makes me crave it in my life. If your like me and love nautical elements, you should combine your love of the sea with your love of parties and introduce these five ways of sharing nautical with your party guests.


Photo by Tiny Tots Events

Go with a navy colour scheme

Nautical colours are generally navy blue, a hint of red, some silver and/ or whites, so if you want to inject a bit of the sea into your next event then go with this colour scheme as a theme. Print your invitations in navy blue and white stripes, set up white painted antique furniture as your dessert table, and get a bunch of blue and silver balloons. Add a splash of red for a shanty experience and you will be ready to go!


Photo from Fantabalousy

Anchors away!

Anchor icons are a quintessential item for any nautical themed bash. You need to use it in the party, but not over use it, so go with one big anchor cake topper for the birthday cake, or use one simple image of the classic anchor on the invitations. One anchor, spread evenly and simply throughout the party is going to give that perfect nautical vibe – boats generally only have one anchor anyway, so keep it to a minimum (but make it big and seeable for all of your guests!)


Photo by Patrica E Marcio

Boat themed icons are ship-shape

Now that you have you anchor as a centrepiece you need to incorporate other boating icons into your event to give it a true nautical experience. Add in a few life buoys as extra decorations, or source a few model pirate or governing ships to adorn the cocktail rounds. Use simple boat outlines for the cupcake fondant, and add in sand, seashells or starfish to bring the ship to the sea.


Everyone looks good in a sailor’s hat

This is no lie. EVERYONE looks good in sailor hats, so get enough to go around as gifts or favours for your guests. They could be smaller hats, big sweeping captain broad brim hats, or even go with a pirate hat or bandanna. Nothing says “Ahoy Matey!” than greeting your guests in awesome nautical themed hats.


Photo by It’s Your Party

Go vintage

The sea conjures up feelings of stepping back to a simpler time, so utilising vintage style accessories will help give your party that special nautical feeling. Using vintage white painted furniture will looks great, but also sit well with these theme. You can also get recycled vintage bottles of jars, and by adding hipster twine or brown paper around them, sitting sand in the middle and putting a tea light candle in it, you will have an instant vintage nautical look that everyone will love.

So there you have it – five ways you can bring the navy to your venue! Hope you enjoyed it

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