Barking Mad For Chocolate Bark


Cake Batter and Sprinkle Bark by Sweetapolita

I’ve only recently been introduced to the delicious world of making your own chocolate bark, but man am I a convert! These easy recipes are not only very yummy, but they are a simple way to make eating chocolate that extra bit special, and make for a great birthday, Christmas or any time of the year present as well! Here is the basic recipe and some ideas for making your own:

Base Recipe Ingredients:

300gms white chocolate*

300gms milk chocolate*

Extra ingredients to go on top**

*You can use whatever chocolate you would like, whether it is milk and dark, white and dark, or just plain milk – it’s completely up to you!

** These could be crushed up candy canes, edible flower petals, gummy bears or red raspberry candies, brownie or cookie pieces, sprinkles, crushed boiled lollies – ANYTHING! Any delicious ingredient that goes well with chocolate, will go well in a chocolate bark.

Base Recipe Method:

  1. Lay a baking tray or cookie sheet with baking paper and smooth in the tray.
  2. Melt 300gms of the milk chocolate in the microwave, or in a simmering pot over boiling water and pour the melted chocolate over the baking paper in the tray.
  3. Put the baking tray into the fridge and leave it to set in the cold. This should take 20 minutes at most for the chocolate to harden.
  4. Whilst the chocolate is hardening, ready your chosen extra ingredients.
  5. Melt 300gms of the white chocolate in a similar fashion as chosen in step number 2. Remove the baking tray from the fridge and pour the white chocolate over the hardened milk chocolate.
  6. Before setting the white chocolate, pour your extra ingredients into the tray, sprinkling them lightly on top and spreading it around. Then put the baking tray back in the fridge until set.
  7. Once hardened, remove from fridge and either cut or simply snap the chocolate bark into bite sized pieces. You can then wrap them up delightfully in cellophane or crepe paper if you want to give them as a gift to someone, or serve them on an artful board for your party.

If you are a bit stuck on ideas as to what kind of chocolate bark you should make, check out some of these delicious confections:

Pecan and Candy Corn Bark   Peanut Butter Chocolate

Pecan and Candy Corn Bark by Shari’s Berries. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bark by Melissa Cuppett

Peppermint Bark   Sprinkles+and+Swirl+Bark+-+Sprinkles+for+Breakfast

Peppermint Bark by Nicole Vaughn. Sparkle and Swirl Bark by Sprinkles for Breakfast

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