Trending: Floral Table Runners


Photo by Phil Wedding Photography for Wedding Croissant

Utilizing different kinds of blooms at an event is something that will always remain popular, no matter if you are throwing a wedding, engagement party or baby shower; and are having a blue, green, purple, pink or tropical themed celebration. Flowers and plants come in all shapes, sizes, colours and types, so it means that no matter what kind of party you are throwing, you are sure to find something that is going to fit right into your theme like it was born there.

In more recent celebrations, there has been a particular on point trend that has popped up amongst the daisies. This trend I am talking about is using your floral arrangements not just as a table centerpiece, but as the actual table runner. People are completely covering the center block of their dining tables with hundreds of different plants and forgoing the use of a table runner or tablecloth to give their dining hall a more natural look.

Ruffled - photo by -

Photo by Ryan Welch Photography for Ruffled

These table decorations are set out utilizing different layering techniques to create a beautiful and organic display that surrounds your guests with an outdoor and back to nature feeling as they enjoy a delicious plated meal. Start with a series of leaves, banana or palm fronds and layer them one on top of each other all along the table (if you can use fishing line to tie them together that is even better!) and if you want to go that one step further with the trend, spread the leaves off of the table and down to the floor.

Next, get a series of smaller flat bases and put a series of flowers, leaves, sticks and other natural items into the lower half of the display to really spread the floral love. Then, get a series of different sized jars or vases and build your display upwards with more classic bouquets of flowers that become the focal point of the table. Add in a few accessories to the table, such as a whole pineapple here and there, a grass bunny figurine or some unscented pillar candles (make sure they aren’t close enough to the floral bouquets to catch on fire!) and you have an instant decoration without the fuss of pressing all of those linens!

 If you would like some more inspiration for this amazing trend, check out these awesome tables on the Hooray website, and from Wedding Croissant

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