5 Ways To Use Palm Prints

I love everything that sets a tropical vibe – pineapples, white sandy beaches, cocktails in the hand and the scent of coconut in the air – but nothing has me more enthused than the currently popular trend of utilising palm frond patterns into your parties. It’s a beautiful design, which instantly invokes images of a tropical hideaway and works well to add a beachy cool vibe to any themed party or colour scheme. Here are some ways you can incorporate palm prints into your next party:


Photo by Studio DIY

Make Your Own Palm Print Stamped Balloons

This photo from Studio DIY went absolutely viral, and there is no shocking reason why beyond the amazing cuteness factor of it! Studio DIY hosted this adorable tropical themed party with all of the trending elements for the end of the year – palm prints, flowering table runners, the Pantone 2016 colour of the year (Rose Quartz) and even pineapples! If you go to the Studio DIY blog, you can find all the helpful DIY tips on how you can stamp your own balloons with the palm print seal of approval.


Photo by Jones and Co

Serve Your Meals in Palm Print Bowls

Jones and Co is the perfect way to introduce the palm to the party – especially if you are throwing a summer outdoor BBQ with heaps of dishes for your guests to drool over. Set your salads or your breads in this tropical bowl and let your serving wear speak for your decorations.

Palm Print Dress

Photo by McKenna Bleu

Wear the Palm Print

Palm Prints are insanely popular in designer home décor trends at the moment, but they also had their moment in fashion not long ago (I picked up a crop palm print sweater from Review late last year myself!) so have a look around and see what you can find that might have palm prints on them for you to wear to the party. It could be a dress, a sweater or a skirt, and they pair really well with solid colours such as black, white, pink and blue!


Photo by Alanna Jones Man

Eat The Palm Print

This amazing cake is only one of many styles of food that you can get to have the palm print printed on them, using fondant and special icing paint. You can utilise this same design, or your own similar design on cupcakes, cookies, candies and other delicious desserts, and if you check out Alanna Jones Mann’s website, you can even learn to do it yourself!


Photo from AC Ellis Photography

Bring in Some Potted Plants

If you want an authentic feel, why not bring in pots of palm trees instead? You can get potted palm fronds for cheap from your local gardening or hardware store and they look great as flowering centrepieces on your tables, or as guardians to the entrance of your party (depending on the sizes of course!) and if you put in a couple of whole coconuts next to your centrepiece palm, you will have guests thinking they are in the tropics in no time!

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