Host A Mad Max: Fury Road Themed Party!

Mad Max Fury Road

I never was one of the excited viewers who attended the theatres when the remake of Mad Max: Fury Road came out in May last year. In fact, I had absolutely no idea what Mad Max was about and honestly thought the new movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron was about some sort of crazy booby-trapped type race like something out of Mario Kart! It wasn’t until I sat behind a dedicated fan on the plane back from Chile last year that I found myself drawn to the epic cinematography of the film that combined a dry and harsh desert landscape with the stark contrast of steampunk style weapons, outfits, locations and cars. 

I love a good steampunk style theme, so I turned off the movie I was watching and switched to Fury Road, to discover myself drawn instantly to epic storyline and action scenes. When we got off the plane, the style of the movie stuck with me and I started to think that a Mad Max: Fury Road themed party would make one hell of a shindig! Because Mad Max is a quintessential Australia film (and Fury Road starred heaps of Australian actors) I thought it would be an excellent way to ring in Australia Day on January 26th, so gather your mates around in their best steampunk style clothes and throw a Mad Max: Fury Road themed party with some of these helpful tips.


By Illuminatiinquisition 

The Venue: 

Mad Max: Fury Road is based in the Australia outback in the midst of post-apocalyptic desolation, so to set the tone for this party you want to go full end of the world, but mix in the familiar desert surrounds as well. If you can, host this awesome party on the beach, or somewhere that sand is abundant like a Burning Man style desert (or bring in sandpits of your own) to add the desert look. You could even use a wasteland or desert backdrop to add a little extra to the tone.

Make your world as dirty and desolate as possible by incorporating a lot of steel, dirty metals like iron and lead, and car parts into the venue. Serve your cupcakes on a platter of car hubcaps, spread cogs and wheels all over the dessert table and put a slick of “oil” or black paint on every surface. Make the venue look dirty without it actually being dirty.

Photo by The Couture Company

The Costumes:

There are so many characters you can dress up as to fit right in to a Mad Max: Fury Road themed party that don’t even require much planning. You can dress as one of the may War Boys with baggy black pants, bald heads, white skin and silver painted death lips; you could dress as Imperator Furiosa with a bandage on her arm (covering her stump by the way) and black make up smoking up her skull from the eyes upwards; You can dress as Mad Max himself with a leather jacket and chains falling off; or you can go a little sexier and dress as one of Immortan Joe’s prized wives in short and dirty white cloth shirts, tank tops and shorts.

If dressing up as a particular character is not your forte, it would definitely be appropriate to go full steampunk in leather, chains, feathers, corsets and buster’s, goggles, platforms and spikes. Frolic

Photo from FrolicParties

The Food and Drink:

 We don’t really see many characters eating in Mad Max: Fury Road, so you have complete discrepancy to make whatever you want as long as it fits with the steam punk theme. However, there was heaps of drinks on display, so make sure you have water (the main commodity for Immortan Joe’s people) readily available, as well as heaps of dark liquids such as Cola to create the feel of the “black thumb” oil slick of the cars. If you want to get a little deeper, you can see if you can buy IV or blood bag drips to serve your drinks in incorporate the idea of Mad Max being a donor for the War Boys.
The Doof Warrior

The Music:

Mad Max: Fury Road features so much awesome rock and metal type music that the story’s villain Immortan Joe had his own electric guitar sound-guy (otherwise known as The Doof Warrier – in homage to the doof doof of bass heavy speakers) blast rock music at the front of his car. The music was excellent, and made a great accomplice to the heavy driving and action-packed scenes, so get your music blaring and set your bass to its maximum limit to recreate the feel of being on Fury Road.

 Though since it’s Australia Day, it wouldn’t be right to not listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 at some point during the day (especially when it gets down to the top 10!)

Mad Max Mario Kart

Photo from YouTube 

The Entertainment:

You’re going to need something to do at your party so there are a few options to get your entertainment on. The first idea is to get Mad Max: Fury Road on the TV in the background for guests to watch and re-live the experience. The second idea is to play a hella cool game of Mario Kart (or any kind of racing game) to get people in the Fury Road mood. The third option is similar, but you can set up one of those car racing tracks for guests to battle each other on and put small Fury Road touches on it like setting destroyed toy cars in the middle and pouring heaps of sand on it. It will be guaranteed to keep your guests entertained for hours!

 So there you have it – one hella awesome and totally out of the box way to ring in Australia Day for 2016! Hope you guys are having a great time off, and I want to take this opportunity to wish my mother a very happy birthday for today! Love you mum!

 Happy Australia Day 2016 everyone!

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