Trending: Tree Trunk Serving Platters

Lavender and Rosemary Cake

Photo by Sprinkles for Breakfast

I’ve seen these little guys around town for quite some time now, but I never realised how amazing they were until I wanted to get my own hands on them! These tree trunk or wood slice serving platters are a wonderful way to showcase your delicious naked cakes, give a cheese board a more organic lift, or accentuate the rustic decor of your living room by placing simple ornaments, vases of flowers or bowls of fruit on top.

These serving platters are solid sensational pieces that are timeless, unrefined and organic decor go with absolutely every theme, style and season. They look good indoor and outdoor, and bring in rustic, homestyle or naturalistic atmosphere to your celebration.

There is absolutely nothing better to serve your wedding cake on, and if you want to get your hands on some (on sale, by the way!) check out the website Save on Crafts today. I know I will be!

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