5 Ways To Use Marble

Awhile ago I bought a marble phone cover because, damn did it look cool! Little did I know that I was ahead of the fashion curb and that marble would be the next “it” look for the party industry. Here are 5 ways you can incorporate marble into your next event:


Photo from XO Home

Eat Off Marble Patterned Plates

Geometric party plates were so cool, but now it’s all about the marble or granite textured party plates. It’s the same idea – use the marble pattern on your dinner or dessert table with a plain black or plain white setting to add the effortless chic of marble to your party. You can get these marble patterned plates in heaps of different materials too, so you can find anything that is going to match your theme – check out these porcelain plates, these cardboard plates, and even these awesome concrete ones to take it that one step further!

1A Pair and a Spare

Photo by A Pair and A Spare

Use Marble Furniture

If you are lucky enough to have marble furniture, or can rent one from one of the cool new event styling rental services that are popping up everywhere, then incorporating the actual marble furniture into the event is the best way to get on this trend. Marble tables or tabletops are a great piece of furniture for a party because they are solid and unmovable, plain in colour so they will go with any theme, are easy to clean so perfect for dinner parties and are effortlessly chic. Get on it!

Cake Paper Party

Photo by Cake Paper Party

Eat Marble Cake

If you want to incorporate the element of marble into more of an edible way, you can always go with the classic design of a marble cake. A marble cake is a cake that has a streaked and mottled appearance by lightly blending a dark cake batter with a light cake batter before baking. It is generally a vanilla and chocolate cake, but you can make your marble cake any flavour you want. Check out some great recipes at Cake Paper Party now.

Vintage Homespun

Photo by Vintage Homespun

Mix Marble with Metal

Nothing says extra elegance like mixing marble with a brushed, tarnished or glossy finished metal like gold, bronze or copper. It could be any kind of product or material, from coffee tables or furniture to candle holders, vessels, vases or serving wear, but if you mix the two you are going to have guests coming into your party stunned with the luxuriousness of it all!

Marble Coasters

Photo from Jessica Peris

Use Marble Homewares

Because marble is so versatile and so in, you can find heaps of products out there that are going to take your party to the next level. You can find marble and wood serving platters and chopping boards, marble coasters, marble patterned cushions, marble vessels, vases and even candles! All of these homeware items may not have been originally designed for a party, but damn do they look good amongst your florals and your party-ware, so why not pick up some to adorn your house after the event as well?

So there you have it, 5 ways you can incorporate the super chic design of marble ware into your next party. This great design is so versatile and will work so well with so many themes and elements, so let me know what you decide to use it with by leaving your comments in the description below.

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