Get Wrapped Up In Christmas

You’ve just dropped oodles of cash on Christmas presents for your friends and family, and there is nothing like cheapening the exuberant cost of your gift than wrapping them up in cheap and ugly red and green Christmas paper that has been sitting in the back of your cupboard for so long that it’s now wrinkled beyond repair. As much as the face of Santa Claus is a great icon for giving materialistic items, Christmas is about so much more that that! It’s about cherishing your loved ones and letting them know that they are special to you by offering them a special gift that wrapped in love, thought and care.

So throw out your old back-cupboard rolls of wrapping paper and follow these tips to give your friends and family a Christmas surprise that will have them saying, “It’s so nicely wrapped – I don’t want to open it!”

Little Blue Box

Photo by Shereen

Choose a Theme

It might seem strange to choose a theme in which to wrap all of your presents in – especially if the presents aren’t going to the same person – but deciding an overall theme to the presents under your tree will make them look nicer sitting all together until they are given away and will save you money so you don’t have to go out and buy a million different rolls of wrapping papers and cards. My husband and I decided to have a Christmas noir theme once, so wrapped all of our presents with black wrapping paper and decorated with blood red string and cards, and it was effective to achieve a slim lined look and an awesome looking present for people to open.

Even if you decide to do a handmade Christmas, or want to have an overall theme of a mixture of eclectic style wrappings, this is fine too. Just make sure you stick with it!


Photo by Oh So Beautiful Paper

Invest in Quality Wrapping Paper

It’s super easy to go to your nearest $2 store and buy the ugly Santa Clause wrapping paper, but you chose your theme for a reason and you should stick to it – even if it means going that extra mile to pick up the wrapping, paper or card that you would love to decorate with. It shouldn’t have to cost you an arm or leg, but if you invest your time and money wisely, you will be amazed at some of the amazing things you can find! Don’t forget as well that there are tons of printables out there in the online world that would be happy to help, and all you need to do is get some quality card stock from your local newsagency and press print!

Wrapping paper that has been carefully planned can make your gift a thousand times more special. As an example, my husband bought me a scarf and wrapped it in wrapping paper that he had printed himself – but it had images of bunnies and mushrooms all over it. Because the paper incorporated an aspect of myself (the bunny) and an aspect of him (the mushrooms) it made the gift all that more special, and made me keep the wrapping paper too!

Daily Suze

Photo by Daily Suze

Match the Accessories

Plain presents are cute if you have intricate or detailed wrapping paper, but accessories bump the gift up a notch, and I’m talking ribbons, cards, stickers, bows, doilies, cardboard cut-out arrows, stamps and even Washi tape. Make sure that whatever theme you choose (and it could just be a colour theme as well) that all the accessories you have for the present match in colour, style and feel. If you match everything together, people will more likely see the present as being the entirety of the package and not just the gift itself.


Photo by Tara Dennis

Learn to Wrap Properly

I was an absolute terrible wrapper before I started working in a store at Christmas time and was expected to wrap beautiful looking gifts for every customer and their dog! If I can do it, so can you so learn to wrap each gift well with these simple tips I picked up along the way:

  • Make sure that you have enough paper to cover your present, but not so much that it’s like playing a game of pass the parcel when it comes time to unwrapping the gift.
  • Cut your package down to size, including the ends that you are going to fold up.
  • Don’t leave a triangle when folding up the ends. Give the ends one last fold to create a rectangular shape on top and then tape that down.
  • Fold neatly, and press on the creases if need be.
  • Always work with clean hands!
  • Put any tape on the gift in a neat and straight position and use clear tape to ensure neatness.
  • There is nothing wrong with putting an odd shaped present into a nicely decorated gift bag or box – as long as it goes with your theme!

If you need more tips, check out these handy Youtube videos to have you wrapping like a pro!

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