5 Ways To Use Wreaths

Christmas Cookie Wreath

Use the shape as a serving platter

In Christmas of 2013, I posted about a gingerbread cookie wreath that I made that doubled as a Christmas dessert and a decoration. Sitting on a black cardboard wreath to match our Christmas Noir theme, these deliciously iced gingerbread cookies made an excellent unique material to create your wreath out of. Check out how to make your own from the link above.


Photos by Shades of Blue Interior

Decorate your presents with them

Mini wreaths are adorable on anything, but why not use them to enhance the season’s festivities and use them as an added decoration to your Christmas presents? These little boxwood wreaths were made thanks to Shades of Blue Interior  and look super cute adorning your presents! For the ultimate look, add your wreath to brown paper and twine is a great way to give your overall wrapping a look of warmth and rustic charm.

Flower Era

Photo by Mark and Kara

Use them as a Christmas activity

Making a full wreath out of pine needles, boxwood and florals can actually be surprisingly fun! If you and your friends are a bit of avid flower arrangers, get your girls around with all the gear and have an afternoon activity session where you can create your own Christmas wreath’s to adorn your own homes. It can be any kind of wreath and any style or size, but add some delicious food and a drink or two and you have one excellent party!


Use them traditionally

When I say use them traditionally, I really mean simply hanging them up as a decoration adorning your front door. When I say this though, it doesn’t mean that it has to be made of classic pine needles and berry decorations. You can make your wreath out of anything from timber or driftwood, shells, material or even stuffing.


Photo by HGTV

Make Mini Wreath Napkin Rings

A similar idea to the boxwood wreath present decoration, these mini wreath napkin rings are an excellent addition to your Christmas table! This excellent wreath was actually constructed out of sprigs of rosemary, and tied together with a hessian bow – making this the sweetest smelling wreath you will probably find! If you would like to make your own, find out how with this simple little tutorial from HGTV.

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