Party Round Up: November

Michelle and Kevin

Photo by Michelle and Damien Photography

Wow, what a month! I started it out by taking a trip to Peru, Bolivia and Chile at the end of October and the start of November and rolled into the month by hanging out by driving across the Salt Flats in Bolivia in a 4WD, hiking the Andes mountains in Chile, and walking up the Inca Trail in Peru. It was an amazing trip, and definitely recommendable for everyone looking for a great adventure! Stay tuned in early 2016 for my classic wedding custom and tradition articles for each country I visited.

In the mean time, check out some of the amazing party things blowing up the blogs right now, and stay tuned for a month of special Christmas and New Years articles starting in a couple of days. Until then, enjoy!

Party Round Up:

  • I love Samantha Wills’ jewellery collection, so when she made a sparkling wine range it was something I had to try (and also share to a very special lady on my wedding day as well!) so checking out this launch party video by Soda Films was absolutely devine! Someone send me to a launch stat!

Other Articles:

  • I’m really getting into writing for different blogs at the moment to try and get myself out there as a writer and establish myself, and I’ve written a few articles for Her including chronicling Canberra’s best hens and bucks party ideas. Even if you’re not from Canberra, I would love it if you checked out my other articles about the hidden gems of Canberra’s party venues, and my article about a charity walk for my current employers Alzheimer’s Australia.
  • My favourite baker and horror queen Christine McConnell unleashed a series of amazing photos to celebrate Halloween, and you can check them out here! She apparently has a cookbook coming out in March 2016, so you can bet I’ll be getting my hands on that one!
  • Now I’m not that into Taylor Swift, but I’m not going to deny that she makes amazing music! Check out the new music video for her hit song “Wildest Dreams”. Many people have proclaimed that the colonisation of Africa depicted in this is white-washed, but I can’t help but love the wild, rough yet romanticised element of it!

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