Open Up A Bag of Party Tricks!

We all have little skills and techniques that help put together the genetic make up of who we are, and sometimes those little tricks turn into something pretty awesome that we can break out at parties. Commonly referred to as “party tricks” they are things that people can do that are unique, but also easy to learn and master if you practice. I’ve compiled a list of five of the coolest party tricks out there for you to watch, study and break out at your next event, but please note that I am merely showcasing these Youtube videos and do not condone, nor am I liable if you try this at home and get hurt!

Twist Bottle Caps Off With Sheer Muscle Power!

You always have that one party where the host has all of these beers and bottles for guests to drink, but no bottle opener in sight, so here is a great way that you can be the hero of the party and open the booze using your arm muscles.

Or any kind of muscles really…

I’ve been to a few parties where there was one guy who could do this party trick, and I was honestly so amazed! Granted, he was being asked to open beers all night because it was so impressive, so if you so are keen to be that guy, then you definitely need to own it and be prepared!


Sabre The Cork Off A Champagne Bottle!

You probably saw Cameron Diaz do this in the movie What Happens In Vegas, but if you have the time to learn and don’t mind create a (fun) mess at a party, this trick will have everyone gasping and applauding for more. Just make sure you don’t do it at a party in your own house, and make sure you won’t cut or hurt yourself either!

Eat Fire!

Anything to do with fire is a damn awesome party trick, and this magician takes fire handling to an all new level with his display of fire eating – perfect for your next outside BBQ or hanging round a tiki torch. I’m not sure if I would be game enough to try this – and don’t recommend you do this at home – but damn would it be a good party trick!

Fold Origami Napkins

I once saw my husband’s mother fold a napkin into the shape of a penis at a party we went to recently, and not only was it’s a super hilarious thing that made everyone laugh, it was actually a pretty fancy talent to pull out! I myself can do a few different folds, and it really takes a dinner party over the edge if all you have is napkins on the table. Learn a few of these origami napkin folds and impress your fellow diners at your next party!

Guide with me

Standing Horizontally

This is probably only an orang-utan thing, but it’s so amazing it is worth a mention because I had no idea they could do this! Orang-utan’s can apparently lean out and stand horizontally using all the strength in its upper foot! Without an opposable big toe, it’s pretty damn near impossible for a human to try – talk about one hell of a party trick!

So there you have it, a few special tricks that you can master to make you the ultimate party starter! What are some of the party tricks you can do? Let me know in the comment section below!

Cover Photo by Three Little Monkeys Studio

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