Wedding Cake Inspiration

I love cake. Wedding cake, birthday cake, cupcakes, cakes when you simply feel like it or are having a bad day, there isn’t any kind of cake that should be turned down (depending on dietary and health requirements of course!).

Wedding cakes aren’t celebrated or used in every culture, and in nowadays the idea of a traditional wedding cake is looked down on a bit because the classic cakes were dry fruit cakes with bland marzipan icing, but wedding cakes nowadays are absolutely amazing! They come in a series of different flavours, icing, decorations, styles and colours and there are so many different aspects that can get you inspired to match the overall theme for your big day.

Here are some amazing wedding cakes I have fallen in love with over time to help get you inspired when coming up with your own design for your wedding cake:

       476  Lime and Coconut Wedding Cake

Three Tiered Minimalist Diamond Cake. One Tiered Lime and Coconut Cake.

        Nicole&JarredWedding-645   Peacock Wedding Cake

Three Tiered Blackberry Watercolour Cake. Peacock Themed Cupcakes.

  Rustic Naked Cake

Red Velvet Naked Cake.

       Wood Platters    Cake

Sprinkles for Breakfast Rosemary Naked Cake. Red Velvet Mini Cakes.

          Chalkboard Cake   ShakesCakes

Artisan Cake Company’s Chalkboard Cake. Shakespeare’s Cakesphere Gold Foil Cake.

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