Trending: Inflatable Pool Toys


Photo from Cool Things Australia

Inflatable pool toys are all the rage right now, especially with summer right around the corner here in Australia. Mink Pink popularised the pool toy with their giant inflatable strawberry iced and sprinkled donut that would make Homer Simpson himself drool, and with so many bikini clad babes hanging out around Bondi Beach in the centre hole of the donut you couldn’t help but notice that this was the next big thing, and if it’s good enough for the Pretty Little Liars girls, it’s definitely on point!

Glue Store

Photo from Glue

But then came the giant inflatable pink flamingo that adorned the pools and contained pin up girls splashing around in them (not to mention the “it” bikini of the summer!) and it gave swimming around in the pool a graceful and elegant feel instead of thinking about wet hair and running mascara. Ideas of a lazy afternoon not actually in the water were made all the better with the giant inflatable swan version that came next, and suddenly anybody who is anybody has one sitting in their pool at their pool party.

And then the whole thing exploded! You can now get giant inflatable pretzel pool toys, giant yellow pineapples, inflatable triangular pizza slice pool beds, inflatable round hamburgers, inflatable ice cream cones, gold dipped unicorns, and deliciously juicy inflatable watermelons. It means that you can turn your nearest pool party into a version of Katy Perry’s “This Is How We Do” and bring a bit more fun and frivolity to your next event, even if you don’t have guests in the pool itself and they are actually enjoying sipping their champagnes next to the pool rather than in it.

The idea of incorporating these inflatable pool toys are trending, but they are also an elite idea because you need a) a pool, b) a cool poolside atmosphere and decor, and c)some super sexy friends in bikini’s. Average Joes like me without a pool will just have to crave these inflatable toys and think of the summer parties that could have been…

Or, you know, just bring it swimming with you and turn your trip to the local swimming hole into a fabulous one!

If you want one of your own, you can pick one up at the Lark Store here.

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