5 Ways To Use Metallics

Incorporating metallic objects into your party decorations certainly isn’t a new trend, but seeing as it adds an extra dimension to the ever trending industrial chic designed venues and party themes, it’s certainly an element that’s not going away any time soon. If you can’t beat them then join them, and with these cute ideas there’s no way you wouldn’t want to get involved.

West Elm Metal Bendy Straws

Use Metallic Tableware

Having a dinner party? Make sure you are using stainless steel or tarnished copper flatware or silverware. If you are serving punchy drinks than bring a shiny copper jug around the party to offer the delicious liquid to guests. If you have a dessert buffet then provide these amazing stainless steel straws from West Elm for guests to drink out of. They’re reusable and washable in the dishwasher, and add that extra metallic element to your party décor.

Geometric Piñata

Photo by owithdoubledots and available from their Etsy store.

Use Metallic Hanging Decorations

You may have seen this elegant decoration in my “5 Ways to Use Geometrics”, but it was so on point that the idea behind it can definitely be used again. Hanging geometrical decorations bring the party from the tables to the whole venue, so making sure that whatever the hanging decoration is you can incorporate the metallic element by making sure the item in question is made out of stainless steel, wire, or brushed copper.

You can also use shiny metallic decorations such as silver or gold foiled pinwheels, streamers or tassel buntings or even shiny garlands of stars. These are easy to put together if you have the right cardboard (which you can pick up from your local news agency) and they are super effective!

Glitter Dress

Photo by Kristina Lee Photography for Beijos Events

Wear the Metallics

 What would you normally favour to attend a cocktail party or an awesome girls night out? If the answer isn’t a gold or silver sequinned dress than you need a wardrobe upheaval! There isn’t anything more metal than daring to wear the most beautiful metallics out there – unless you go literal and wear a heavy metal band t-shirt to accompany your head-banging dance floor moves!


Photo by Dann Event Hire

Decorate with Brushed Metallic Furniture

If you have a sweet rustic wooden styled venue, brushed metallic furniture in geometrical shapes is a great way to bring some industrial chic to your event. It could be an exposed metal hanging caged light shade over an Edison style lightbulb, a brass or steel coffee table, or even a cold brushed copper chair, but no matter what style of metal furniture you have, theming it together with Persian or cowhide rugs, exposed brick and inviting treats will create an instant decor hit! If you don’t have any copper or metallic furniture on hand, you can check out some of the amazing event hire specialists like Dann Event Hire above to see what they have that will suit your event theme.


Use Metallic Embellishments

It’s a fact: Gold foiling makes everything better. It could be an invitation or a piece of wedding stationary, it could be on a mug, a pillow, a pot of plants or even on a glass jar being used to house a bouquet of flowers. No matter it is, metallic embellishments in gold, silver or bronze foiling makes an instant celebratory decoration. Use your metallics in your invitations to bold the names of the guest of honour, or bold the names on the gift tags on your thank you cards or take home gifts. Perfect!

There is just definitely something about brushed coppers, shiny golds and steely silvers that screams instant celebration. Incorporate metallics into your parties today!

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