Party Round Up: October


Photo by Lili Vanilli

Happy Halloween! I hope you have an amazing time as the scariest night of the year draws closer, and I hope you enjoyed a month’s worth of Halloween ideas, inspiration and tips. While you are reading this, I am currently in Peru trekking to Machu Picchu and I am so excited to come back and tell you all about my adventures – especially celebrating Halloween in the quiet little town of Puno and Lake Titicaca! I am sure that is a sight that will need to be seen to be believed.

While you are gearing up for Halloween, also spend some time and think about the other celebrations that are happening now – such as Mexico’s vibrant and popular celebration of All Saints Day or Day of the Dead that will take place on November 1st and 2nd. It’s also Frankenstein Day on October 31st (very fitting!) and I should wish Jack Carr and Simon Prendergast a Happy Birthday while I am at it too! With all all of these events and celebratory days, there really isn’t any excuse NOT to have a party!

Have a happy Halloween!

Party Round Up:

  • Lady Gaga is the new star of American Horror Story: Hotel and she threw a party for the cast and crew of the show one weekend back in August. I simply have to give the Gaga props for throwing such a wicked bash! Not only did she theme the entire event with a goretastic AHS theme, she also died her pool blood red! Now THAT is commitment!
  • Bit of a Nintendo nerd? Buzzfeed presented us with a list of 41 Wedding Dresses inspired by Nintendo characters – Damn Princess Zelda’s options look amaze!
  • The Retro in the Rough put together this amazing seaside wedding shoot, which was featured on Hooray magazine and boy is it the most beautiful boho wedding I have ever laid eyes on! Complete with a beautiful white canvas teepee, peacock chair and navy blue and rustic wood accents, you should check out the awesome video that accompanies it as well:


Other Articles:

  • Check out the follow up article I did from Canberra’s Best Hen’s Party Ideas with my Canberra’s Best Buck’s Party Ideas on the HerCanberra site! I’ve been doing a lot of outside writing for them, so getting the chance to see my work on another blog is always a good sign!
  • Buzzfeed put together the biggest debate ever – Cake Vs. Pie! What team are you on? I’m definitely on cake’s side!


  • And if you’re a horror fan like I am you are no doubt watching Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens right now. Check out this awesome collab video with Scream Queens and Buzzfeed now:

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