Christine McConnell: Baking’s Extraordinary Scream Queen

I have posted about Christine McConnell’s amazing artistic work before (she put together the amazing Facehugger Alien cookies) but as she is the ultimate scream queen of the internet world, it wouldn’t be right to leave her out of our month long Halloween celebrations. Here are some of the amazing spooktacular work to inspire you for October 31st!


Photo by Christine McConnell

Christine’s amazing baking work are always displayed with some amazing photography, which she puts together and makes the costumes for herself. She has starred as the model in many amazing photographic pieces based off shows such as Weird Science, Wonder Woman, Batman and Ghostbusters. Who here thinks she would make a perfect Morticia Addams?


Photo by Christine McConnell

And I mean those cookie spiders look damn real! They are the perfect Halloween treat, and a nightmare if you saw them all together!


Photo by Christine McConnell

These little delicious monsters are what happens when Christine tries to make wafflecones from scratch! How can something be so terrifying and delicious at the same time? Christine has also made some amazing cakes, such as the Gremlins (both good and bad), the creature from Reddit, her own home and some cakes that look so good you would serve them at your wedding! My main question is, once she has made it does she eat it all? What does she do with her treats? Coz if she gives them away, I would gladly take them off her hands!


Photo by Christine McConnell

Not to mention that Christine is also a model as well as a master baker, and she takes some excellent shots with Jason from Friday the 13th that end in this hilarious twist! She has also put together a series of shots where she has remodelled herself into the maternal side of four generations of her family tree and looked amazing doing it!


Photo by Christine McConnell

Christine McConnell is truly the reigning Scream Queen when it comes to baking, and with an amazing looking book on the horizon as well, I sure hope that seeing these photos has inspired you for your own night of terror!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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