No Tricks! 3 Healthy Treats For Halloween Thanks To Nuts.Com

Trick or Treating is a popular Halloween tradition in the United States of America, and other Northern Hemisphere countries, where children and adults alike dress up in fun costumes and go from house to house in the local neighbourhoods searching for candy and other snacks that might be considered a dentist’s worst nightmare. But what about those health conscious parents and members of the public who want to celebrate this spooky night without packing on the kilos? Here are some great recipe ideas out there that won’t frighten your waistline this October 31st, with thanks to…

Healthy Fruit Halloween Treats made into Banana Ghosts and Clementine Orange Pumpkins

Photo from Green Blender

Banana Ghosts

This is super easy, and a great way to incorporate fruit into your Halloween dessert table. Peel and cut a series of bananas in half and stick raisins or sultanas to the bananas to make the shape of the eyes and mouth of a ghost. Serve standing up for a delightful array of ghosts on the table!

Mandarin Pumpkins

These are a cute Halloween treat that can be served with the banana ghosts. Peel the skin off several small mandarins, oranges or tangelos (any orange, pumpkin looking fruit will do!) and leave the slices in place without piercing them and causing the juice to leak out. Then, cut some small pieces of celery to act as the pumpkin and stems and gently stick them to the top of the mandarin. Instant Halloween pumpkin!


Photo from Elizabeth Stark from Babble

Carrot Witches Fingers with Hummus

These work really well if you create individual servings of witches fingers and hummus using individual plastic cups or even parfait glasses. Fill with delicious hummus (or any other dips you would like) and cut five carrot sticks in the rough shapes of fingers (making one a little smaller and a little wider to act like the thumb). You can even add a sliver of almond meal to the fingers to give them some spooky nails if you would like! Then stick the fingers in the hummus and serve. Easy!

So there you have it, three deliciously healthy fruit and veg snacks that won’t give your scales a scare this Halloween! If you are keen to check out more healthy snack options, head to for some more information on how to eat healthy all the time, not just the spooky season!

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