5 Haunted House Decorations To Give Your Guests Nightmares

Halloween is coming up, and that means that it is time to dust off the fake cobwebs and spiders and get to work making your home look like a child’s worst nightmare. But if your sick of the same old decorations, why not try these spooky-as decorations on for size!

Dave of the Dead

Photo by Dave of the Dead

1. Body Bags

Seeing these suckers hanging in a dark room will be sure to give you nightmares! Made out of packing foam, plastic bags and duct tape you can tie all of these materials (which you can get free from furniture stores or recycling bins) into shapes that look like the human body. Wrap some old clothes around it, squirt some fake blood on it, and then tie it in a large furniture plastic covering. Hang in your Halloween Haunted House and be prepared to have the cops come knocking at your door!


Photo by Choppercabra666

2. Spiders Nest

Nothing is worse then spiders – literally. It you really want to send chills down your fellow Haunted Houser’s spines, then set up a room that is dripping in nothing but spiders! Use a white stocking, and stuff it with soft materials to create a spiders egg sack. Glue spiders to the outside (and the inside!) and hang up from the roof for maximum creepiness. Add fake cobwebs and other fake spiders EVERYWHERE and then dim the lights before welcoming your friends to their worst nightmares.

Gory Movies

3. Reaching Hands

Ugh, imagine walking down a spooktastic hallway and feeling the brush of cold bloody hands reach out for you? This will definitely give you nightmares and make for a great Haunted House decoration! Set up planks of wood or use the wall you already have to stick fake hands, arms and limbs coming out of holes in the wall and dim the lights, forcing your guests to brush them as they walk past. Want to add a bit more drama? Set it up so one of the hands (or a few of them!) are real and actually grab your guests as they walk by! You will be guaranteed a scream!


4. Glow In The Dark Monster Eyes

This is a simple DIY treat that will look super effective in your backyard or haunted woods. Get old toilet paper rolls and cut different shaped monster eyes in the roll. Then, put neon green or blue glow sticks in the middle of the toilet paper roll and put in the dark woods. Without any light, all your guests will be able to see are the glowing colours in the shapes of sinister looking eyes. Effective, and super cheap so double whammy!

Butchers Shop

5. Butcher Shop

Butcher Shops get me erring even on the best of times – all those rows of dead animal meat makes me want to rethink my vegetarian days – but it makes a great idea for a Halloween party! Come October 31st there are a lot of fake limbs, knives, weapons and blood lying around so you can pick up as much as possible and spread them out around your kitchen to create the perfect Butchers Shop. You can even purchase some foam trays and plastic wrap a few of these decorations to give it a more authentic feel.

So there you have it… five easy DIY Halloween decorations that will be guaranteed to make a Haunted House seem a whole lot scarier! Let me know if use any of these ideas by commenting on the post below and let me know if you had any nightmares from them! Tune in for the rest of the month to get some more terrifyingly decorations and recipes for your October 31st celebrations.

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