Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet: Studio DIY Tutorials

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to go all out for Halloween – you don’t have enough money leftover for a fabulous costume, you aren’t really inspired by anything at the moment to break out a particular look, or you simply don’t have enough time to put an outfit together. If you’re struggling to find the perfect outfit for this year’s spooky festivities, than I am pleased to announce that the wonderful folks at Studio DIY have you covered!

Studio DIY is a great website run by Kelly Mindell that features a series of wonderful DIY projects, party inspiration and wacky ideas that generally centre around all things confetti, pineapple, and balloon related (no wonder I love the website so much!) and she and her team have put together a series of DIY tutorials that are super easy, yet super effective when it comes to dressing up – especially for Halloween! Here are two adorable ideas to get you into party mode as the spirits of Halloween rise that don’t require too much more than some particular clothes that are already hanging in your wardrobe!


Photo by Jeff Mindell from Studio DIY

DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to dress up as the sweetest little ice cream to add some adorableness to a generally spooky holiday? This tutorial from Studio DIY will have everyone gravitating towards you and all you need to do is to search your closet for brown or nude bottoms, and a plain white shirt. So go ahead and follow Studio DIY’s instructions on how to turn your basic office or work wear into a delicious sundae right now!

Starry Night

Photo by Mary Costa Photography

DIY Starry Night Costume

Every woman has her favourite LBD hanging up in her wardrobe simply itching to get out into the night, so channel your general night life wear into a Halloween costume that will have people howling at the moon with approval. Studio DIY put together a great tutorial in conjunction with Balloon Time about nine balloon themed costumes you can use for Halloween, and I was instantly taken with this adorable and easy costume that absolutely anyone would be able to pull off!

So now that I have you falling in love with Studio DIY (and falling hard and fast like I did!) Check out some of the other costumes that Studio DIY have put together on their blog if you are looking for something a little more intricate or unusual – she’s made a strawberry costume, a pineapple costume, a donut, a slice of cake and even a birthday candle costume! It’s definitely worth a look, and the tutorials are so easy to follow, so all that’s left now is to ask; what are you going to be for Halloween this year? I have to say that the Starry Night is calling to me…

See you on the dark and stormiest of nights!

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