5 Ways To Use Zombies

It wouldn’t be Halloween until I start talking about zombies. If you know me, you know that I am enthralled in the world of the undead – be it The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies or just the general idea of the apocalypse. I don’t even know why I am so fascinated by the idea of surviving a world overrun with dead cannibals because to be honest I probably wouldn’t survive in the first place. It may have something to do with everyday people rising up to be powerful strong saviours, or it could do with the fact that I have actually written a zombie novel that I am getting published. Either way, it’s Halloween, so here are 5 ways that you can utilise zombies in your October 31st festivities.


Photo from Hungry Happenings 

Build your own graveyard

The classic idea of the zombie is that the dead will rise from their graves, bursting through the dirt one hand in the air and the other clawing the ground. Generally, it will be the dead of night and with lightening above them (but no rain!). So why not utilise this very well-known idea and set up your own graveyard in your front yard to frighten away trick or treaters. Put gravestones evenly paced around the lot, add in some rusty spooky fencing, and get yourself some fake zombies and hands and place them in front of the gravestones. A little fake smoke never hurt the graveyard either.


Photo from Crafts Unleashed at Consumer Crafts

Window decorations

Cardboard cutouts of monsters or zombies are for sale in many good party stores, and when lit up with an eery orange glow from behind will look great standing at the windows of your house. It will give your house that kind of idea that there is a zombie plague going on it there, and give a spooky element to your home from the outside. Make sure to use a soundtrack of zombie sounds, and have a friend or two dress up as zombies to “attack” you when you give out your candy!

Boarded up Windows

Photo from Hungry Happenings 

Zombie break in

There is also something iconic about having the boarded up windows and doors of a derelict house that our survivors are camped out in, and the sounds of zombies and monster are trying to break into the house and tear it down. To add a bit of the scare factor to your Halloween party, nail your own wooden boards across windows that you have blacked out with black material, or even filled with a backdrop of zombie faces. Put one or two cutout or figure zombies in between the boards and place them in such a way that they look like they are trying to get in.


Photo by Lily Vanilli

Eat the zombie

There are so many amazing zombie themed recipes out there that you could eat your heart out over on Halloween. From zombie cupcakes and gravestone cookies to meatloaf faces and hands, the more terrifying the better. One of my favourite sites for zombie based recipes was The Food Network’s Walking Dead Approved Zombie Recipes. or Lily Vanilli’s A Zombie Ate My Cupcake recipes!

Zombie Bride

Dress up as the zombie

Being dressed up as a zombie is great fun because you get to wear tattered bloody clothes, have blood dripping from many gaping prosthetic wounds, and you can groan and moan until the cows come home. Dressing up as the zombie for Halloween if probably the best part!

So there you have it, 5 ways you can incorporate some good old fashioned zombie mayhem into your Halloween parties! Stay tuned, because throughout the month of October I will be bringing you brand new ideas on parties for Halloween – zombie or otherwise!

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