DIY Events: A Batman Party with Jayne Barton Overett

I love featuring these amazing themed parties by Jayne Barton Overett because they are made with so much love and there is so much joy from all of the hard work she puts in. For her son Elijah’s birthday party, just two months after moving to Pittsburgh, USA, Jayne pulled out all of the stops to pull it all together – especially because living in a new city meant that it was super hard to find everything! The good thing about living in Pittsburgh is that the local Gridiron, baseball and ice hockey teams have their colours as yellow and black – matching perfectly with a black bat on a yellow background as the classic Batman logo demonstrates! Jayne used a lot in these colours to reflect the party, as well as got a whole bunch of bat shaped accessories as opposed to official Batman merchandise, giving the whole party a fun and unique feel instead of buying off the local party rack!

Bat Pops

For the snacks and food served at the party, Jayne put together an excellent array of Bat Pops, made out of a bat lollipop mould and coloured with black and yellow candy melts by setting the yellow candy melts in the bat section of the lollipops first, before adding the black to the back of the mould. Apparently these were a huge hit amongst the kids!

Batman Cupcakes

Yellow cupcakes were then made before being decorated with the same lollipop mould technique, only not filling in the circle part of the mould and leaving candy bats behind. These were then lovingly place on top of the delicious cupcakes!

Bat Cookies

Bat shaped cookies with yellow icing took centre stage, as did an amazing rice bubble marshmallow bar Gotham City, made by icing the “buildings” of rice bubble bars together and using yellow fondant to make lit up building windows. What a great idea!

Batman Cake

And of course, no dessert table is complete with the birthday cake, and Jayne’s Batman piece was a simple round cake that was iced with white fondant. With a black belt made out of fondant lining the sides, a yellow and black bat symbol made of different coloured fondant was laid out on top. Elijah thought it was awesome, and I know I do too!

Happy Birthday

The party was held outside in a park that was made of old grey wood and has tall building like structures around, so the look and feel of being in a park within Gotham City was easy to create without much decorating. A large happy birthday sign with bats in between made of foam and felt decorated the table, which was a perfect sign that Jayne put together herself by sliding the bats off and replacing some of them with the happy birthday letters.

The Jokers Fun House

The other decorations were a large Gotham City made out of cardboard boxes painted black with yellow squares and rectangles that represented lit up windows in the building. Sitting next to it was a large cut out cardboard Joker that was similar to the Batman Lego game style. These decorations also served as an excellent game called The Joker Fun House, which is based on a Lego set that has Robin hung upside down by The Joker. Elijah (our hero Batman of this tale!) and his brother Hudson (who is the Robin) apparently have quite a personal vendetta against The Joker for this, so Jayne put together a game where the kids threw rubber bats at the cardboard cutout Joker so that when the bats hit the target, The Joker would be brought up into the air to hang upside down. After lots of research about hunting traps and getting her husband Gary to rig up the trap, the game turned out so well with The Joker going flying into the air upside down and with the kids beside themselves when they hit the target!


One of the other Joker games featured the good sport Gary getting dressed up as The Joker with full face paint and green sprayed hair with stapled candy bars all over a green t-shirt. The kids then proceeded to chase after The Joker with the intention of stealing the candy bars from Gary. It was an incredibly simple game but when down so well with the kids!


Another activity was to make a Batarang name plate. Jayne found craft foam bats, foam letter stickers and other decorations and let the kids decorate to their hearts content, which was a great quiet activity for those who were crashing from too much sugar!

All in all, the games and the party was perfect and really fit in with Elijah’s love of the idea of Batman Vs. The Joker, without be too scary or violent. It was an innocent fun party that was truely uniquely Jayne, and having all the kids dress up as their favourite Batman characters really translated well. Great party Jayne!

If you want some great action shots of the games, check out the video below and stay tuned for more awesome parties by Jayne Barton Overett.

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