DIY Party Hats!

Party Party!

Cone shaped party hats are a party essential that can match any party or colour theme, and make an event either silly or celebratory. You can get so many different type of party hats (including party crowns which are amazing in themselves, and even the classic paper crowns you get in a Christmas Bon Bon) but it’s also extremely simple to make your own party hat for your own event, and make it as intricate or classic as you want. Here is one quick method you can utilise to make your own for your next party, but it’s such a simple method that you can alter it easily and incorporate a few other ideas into this method as well:


A3 Card Stock – plain white, or coloured and glittered, you can get some awesome styles from Typo.

Hot glue gun, glue or tape

Bakers Twine or elastic that you can get from a sewing shop

Hole Punch and scissors

Any decorations you want, such as flowers, confetti, pom poms or even hundreds and thousands!


  1. Roll two ends of the card stock in on themselves until it creates a cone shape at the bottom with a square scoop like section at the front. Use the hot glue gun, glue or tape to tape the sides of the cone together. You can also cut one edge into one side of the cone to use as an insert if you don’t want to glue the hat together, and you can make bigger party hats (almost like unicorn horns for your unicorn themed party!) by experimenting with different styles of rolling of the card stock and from different ends.
  2. Once glued, neaten the elongated square end of the card stock by cutting where the folds come together. A straight cut along the bottom of the cone creates the best base for the party hat.
  3. You will now have your cone. Decide what sort of side you would like the party hat worn on and measure the middle edges of the cone. Then, put one single hole punch in the middle of either end.
  4. Measure the length of your head using Baker’s Twine or elastic and make sure there is enough space for the hat to be worn comfortably. Then, tie or fasten the twine or elastic to the hole punches on either end of the cone. If you want to be a little neater, you could tape or glue the twine or elastic to the inside of the party hat and forgo the hole punch, but it might fall apart if it’s not secured properly.
  5. Once the hat has been constructed you can go to town decorating it to match the theme of your party. You can do literally anything, from using character stickers, puffy number one stickers or patches, icing and hundreds and thousands, pom poms sticking out of the top, cover it in felt or glue on confetti – anything! To get you in the decorating mood and give you some inspiration, here are some ideas I found online:

Baby Shower Party Hats  Watercolour Party Hats

Photo by Alana Landsberry  and Photo by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Co for Oh Happy Day

So there you have it – An extremely simple method to making your own party hats. You can use this method as a jumping off point and go crazy, and if you use it send me photos! I’d love to see the kind of hats you have created so send it to

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