Ice Cream Cake Pops with Katherine Sabbath

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For my 25th birthday this year, my husband bought me a fantastic present – the opportunity to attend a Style Sesh with none other than Katherine Sabbath – the most vibrant baking queen of sugar this side of the southern hemisphere! The Style Sesh was presented as one of many available through Hooray Magazine – my all time favourite magazine in the world! –  and it centred on how to create and decorate your own novelty ice cream cone cake pops. It was such a fun and hands on experience that I will never forget and taking this class meant that I now officially ticked off everything on my New Years Resolutions list, so it was worth every minute of it to get baking tips from the best!


The Style Sesh took place at The Timbermill Warehouse in Merrickville, Sydney, and the adorably rustic style event space was an excellent venue for this amazing baking class with just enough hipster to give the overall class a trending tick of approval (not that it needed it)! After meeting our fellow classmates (hello to the four new Instagram followers I have!) and digging into the goody bag that Hooray magazine were so kind to leave out for us (in it were some amazing items such as a pink leather bound Style Sesh notepad, jumper and t-shirt, as well as some loose leaf peppermint tea and arts and craft supplies all in a super cute pink and black tote bag) we had a quick introduction by the wonderfully lovely Katherine Sabbath herself, and dug right in to making our own cake pops.


Katherine gave us some of her handy tips and tricks of the trade that she has picked up along the way, and a few things that you can hardly believe of her is that a) her only formal training is to just be a school teacher (how envious of that class are you?) b) that she is just overwhelmingly lovely for someone who has gained such popularity, and c) how adorably immaculately she is!

I asked her if she eats the cakes that she makes (because she is so tiny!), and her answer was, “It’s the responsible thing to do! You start baking because you love it, so really you have to try what you make. I just try to balance it out by eating a lot of veggies and going for lots of runs, but now it’s the cake that fuels my running!”


Getting crazy with colour, flavours and decorations made these ice cream cake pops a Katherine Sabbath tick of approval, and I was overcome by how simple and effective making these cake pops were, yet how extremely professional they turned out despite my lack of baking care! I asked Katherine if she ever sat down and designed her cakes before she makes them and she answered with,”Not usually. I generally use ingredients and whatever happens to be in my kitchen at the time and what I have to use. If I have a lot of caramel and chocolate ingredients, then I generally decide to make a caramel cake with brown and creme exteriors and do it as I go based on what I have.”

ice cream cake pops2

After an amazing lunch of salads, sandwiches and samosas, we finished up our cake pop making class and bombarded Katherine with questions, learning that she looks at every comment and message ever sent to her on her Instagram page, that she is in talks for her very own cooking book (you heard it here first fellas!) and that she is absolutely approachable in every way. And her favourite flavour? “A rich chocolate mud with raspberry cream!”

I left the Style Sesh with not only a tote bag full of goodies and 12 cake pops shaped like ice cream cones, but I left with oodles of inspiration to start trying my own confectionary creations and also the confidence to do so! So thanks Katherine Sabbath for the amazingness that is not only your wonderful cakes, but for yourself as well! We need more amazing confectionary queens in the world like you!

Check out some more of the class and how my cake pops turned out below:

At work

Ice Cream Cake Pops

Ice Cream Cake Pops After

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